Rise Against starts punk rock party in Paso Robles, CA

On August 18th, Vina Robles Amphitheater had a punk rock take over with Rise Against, Descendents and The Menzingers for the Nowhere Generation tour. The Menzingers started off the night with their pop punk sound, being the ‘babies’ of the tour, forming in 2006. The way they all connected with the crowd was amazing, making the show feel way more personal.

I personally think it’s cool when you get to see a younger band tour with OG legends!

Next up was punk heavyweight group Descendents, hailing from the 80s. I think I was most excited to see them perform over anyone on this tour, even being a HUGE Rise Against fan. The way Descendents members performed up onstage was different than anything I’ve seen: usually, when you think of ‘punk’, you think of mohawks, jean and leather jackets and Doc Marten boots, but that was not the case with this band. Lead singer Milo Aukerman came out onstage looking like any other person, which, actually, I feel is a better thing instead of playing into punk gimmicks. This was my first time witnessing a Descendents show in action and they are definitely someone who is a must-see!

Last to go was headliners Rise Against, who have played Vina Robles Amp a few times before. Seeing the crowd mosh and sing their hearts out as Rise Against played was a magical experience! For any punk rock and hard rock lover, Rise Against should be at the top of your concert bucket list, so make sure to check them out when they hit a city near you!

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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