The Green brings the aloha to San Luis Obispo

What a great way to kick off The Green’s 10 Year Anniversary tour! The Green has been together since 2009, coming all the way from O’ahu, Hawaii to make their first celebratory stop here in my hometown at the Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo — which is like my home away from home — with special guest Ka’ikena.

One of my favorite things about going to concerts is knowing that sometimes I might not know who the opener is and I get to experience someone new. I instantly fell in love with Ka’ikena Scanlan; I was hanging with them beforehand at the merch table — such cool guys. When they went onstage, I was hit with a strong flavor of strictly Hawaiian reggae. They engaged with the crowd by paying tribute the reggae legend Bob Marley.

Each and every time I see The Green, I am blown away by the band members’ performances.

Next, and finally, was The Green. The Fremont Theater was a packed and full house. The band played through their whole self-titled album, which had hits such as “Wake Up”, “Runaway Train” and many more. All the lights were off as they entered the stage; as soon as they started to play, BOOM, the lights came on very bright. You could hear the crowd going crazy as the first chord was strummed. They had an amazing contrast between their four different singers: Zion Thompson, Caleb Keolamui, JP Kennedy and Ikaika Antone. This was my first time shooting photos for them, but my third time seeing them live. Each and every time I see The Green, I am blown away by the band members’ performances. The way the lights hit each person up on stage made getting good photos for them so much more easier and fun. 

Make sure you get to catch The Green this winter as they celebrate 10 years as a band! There are 18 shows all across the United States, so there are plenty of chances to go see The Green.

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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