The Movement & The Expendables at Red Rocks

On May 14th, AEG Presents Rocky Mountains and KBCO hosted an epic sold-out show at Colorado’s historic Red Rocks Amphitheater, with just a quarter of its capacity (2,500 people) filling up the venue. With alternative reggae rock artists hailing from the east and west coasts, the lineup included headliners The Movement, The Expendables, DENM and very special guests Howie Spangler and Brandon Hardesty for a fun night of live music in one of the most stunning music venues in the country! The evening began after a series of thunder and lightning storms rolling through, with brothers Howie Spangler and Donald Spangler (of Ballyhoo!), alongside Brandon Hardesty (of Bumpin’ Uglies) to get the crowd pumped with songs such as “Walk Away”, “Rivers of Babylon” and “Social Drinker”. 

Next up, DENM took the stage, with his distinctive blend of reggae, pop and hip hop, debuting his first live Red Rocks Amphitheater performance. It was the same day he dropped his highly-anticipated first album Slum Beach Denny via Ineffable Records, so everyone was in high spirits! 

The first headliner of the night, The Expendables, returned since their last show in 2017, when they had to power through a night of some insane storms.

Frontman Geoff Weers, guitarist Raul Bianchi, bassist Adam Patterson and drummer Ryan DeMars were greeted with cleared-up skies for the entire set this time around. Playing big hits such as “Down Down Down”, “Bowl for Two” and “Sacrifice”, the excited crowd lit bowls, got up and let loose dancing and singing along. 

Ending the night with a bang, The Movement put on quite the show, with heavy-hitting hits such as “Sirens”, “Dancehall”, “Take Me To The Ocean”, “Life is A Circle” and “Redwoodz, featuring. Iya Terra”. During the evening, the band had a few surprises up their sleeves! Suprise guests Nathan Feinstein (of Iya Terra) and Chicago-based singer Rick Haze joined the stage, leading to an instrument switcharoo between lead singer Swain, bassist Jason Schmidt and keyboardist Matt Goodwin joining drummer Gary Dread for a wild four-person drum solo.

The concert was a pretty incredible experience for reggae fans from all over the country.

Considering live music is returning and major venues are opening back up, be sure to check out the bands’ tour dates below and catch an unforgettable show in a city near you! Also, stay tuned for more incredible shows at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater, with their newly announced 2021 schedule.

Photography by Olivia Valdes

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