Trevor Hall leaves St. Louis full of love & light

When Trevor Hall made his long-awaited return to St. Louis on April 21st, he was determined to bring with him his trademark aura of good vibes, along with his unbelievable positive energy. There was so much love and inclusivity in the air at The Pageant that night; it was so welcoming to feel when there seems to be so much division and exclusivity everywhere else in the world these days. It appears like every day that passes brings with it some new way of harming and creating even more marginalized individuals. Luckily, Trevor Hall and his opener, an organically-driven folk group called Gone Gone Beyond, are able to leave all of that behind and focus on the one thing that seems to bring people together — music. 

Gone Gone Beyond has been capturing hearts and minds all over the world since about 2016, when they released their debut EP. It is a release full of the band’s outstanding blend of folk, lo-fi, indie-Americana world music, taking influences from every corner of the globe. Now, more than five years later, they are continuing the ride the waves of success, with the release of their latest project: a full-length album released in 2021 called 2030. The album continues to showcase the band’s global influences, but in a much tighter, more cohesive fashion that translates beautifully into the way the band performs onstage. The chemistry of these musicians is second-to-none and it makes for a very wonderful performance. The groove of their music, combined with the simplicity of how it’s produced, was truly enjoyable to watch.

Gone Gone Beyond definitely went above and beyond when it came to getting the crowd warmed up for Trevor Hall.  

Hall’s music will make you dance, his lyrics will make you feel heard and loved, and his presence will make you smile. Trevor Hall has been around the block once or twice; he’s been able to figure out exactly what it is that a crowd needs in order to fuel him through his show… and that’s love. Show the humans in the crowd who paid to see you all the love and respect you can and maybe… just maybe…they’ll return that love and respect tenfold. Maybe, they will fill the venue with so much positive energy, you can’t help but take it out into the world after the show and share it with whoever will accept it. It becomes contagious and is the only way to move the world forward. Mix in some incredible music and, by god, you’ve got yourselves a damn good celebration of life.

Trevor took the night and really made it special. He made everyone feel like they belonged there and, more importantly, belonged in the world we all share. It honestly was a night leaving the heart full of warmth and everyone who was there, I can promise, is hoping Trevor doesn’t wait as long to come back to St Louis. Finishing up his tour now, make sure to get your tickets while you still can and be sure to listen to Gone Gone Beyond’s new album, 2030, available everywhere now. 

Photography by Thomas Semonco

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