Two impassioned nights of Iron & Wine in LA

Iron & Wine’s two-night engagement at The Bellwether in downtown Los Angeles was nothing short of magical. Held on June 28th and 29th, the concerts offered an unforgettable journey through Sam Beam’s rich catalog, highlighted by the enchanting tracks from his latest album, Light Verse. Opening the show was Amythyst Kiah, entertaining with her captivating voice and evocative songwriting.

As the lights dimmed and Iron & Wine took the stage, the audience fell quiet. The Bellwether, known for its excellent acoustics and intimate atmosphere, proved to be an ideal venue for such an emotionally enveloping performance.

Beam’s setlist featured a delightful mix of old favorites and new material.

In fact, Light Verse — with themes of acceptance and perseverance — translated beautifully live, wrapped in the warmth and authenticity that have become Iron & Wine’s hallmark. The whole performance was truly moving. Cheers to two nights of beautiful music and unforgettable moments!

Photography by Celeste Basich

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