We Were Promised Jetpacks brings thunder and lightning to Baltimore

We were promised jetpacks… and also vibes. That is definitely what we received at the Baltimore show. The indie rock band, We Were Promised Jetpacks hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, where Adam, Darren, and Sean grew up together, forming a band in their high school years. Rocking out since the 00s, We Were Promised Jetpacks has been delivering harmonizing melodies and soaring vocals heard by millions over the last two decades.

With a couple of dates left of their USA Tour, their next stop was in the crab cake lover’s city of Baltimore, Maryland. On the dark rainy evening, the crowd rushed into the Baltimore Soundstage to await the highly anticipated performance by We Were Promised Jetpacks!

They also had a wonderful and youthful band along with them named Breakup Shoes. Since rising to the music scene in 2014, the indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona played first to allow the crowd a taste of how amazing the rest of the night would be. If you did not know who they were entering the venue, you definitely left downloading their songs to your rock playlist, for sure. As the drummer tapped his sticks together, the next moment, all you saw was awe in everyone’s eyes. The way the lead singer Nick Zawisa’s vocals circled around the listeners ears, the up-and-coming band had just gained some new monthly listeners. Accompanied by the three other band members, the band went on to show that they were a perfect match for more years to come.

Anticipation grew as the night went on.

While waiting for We Were Promised Jetpacks, I got to interact with some of the concert-goers. Most mentioned that this was their third, fourth, and fifth time seeing the WWPJ live and they were extremely excited, just as much as the first time seeing them.

The lights dimmed and everyone pulled out their cellphones to capture what would be a perfect night of old bangers and new heartfelt tunes from their recent album, A Complete One-Eighty. A huge crowd favorite, “It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning”, made the crowd go ballistic as they sung along with the band. You could hear light yells of “I love them so much” to “SING IT TO ME, DON’T TEASE US” all night long. With a 15-song setlist, it almost felt like the show was going to last a lifetime watching them perform. We Were Promised Jetpacks did an absolutely amazing job and it was worth it every second of the way!

Photography by Anthony McCray

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