Willow brings lifE to The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles

Willow Smith brought her band to her hometown and performed at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre on 26th of September. As the part of her lifE Tour, she has been traveling all around the United States, coming to LA to remind us what pop punk means. With a bald head, an edgy outfit and a very recognizable voice, 20-year-old Willow easily excites her audience, who dive into her atmosphere the moment she sets foot onstage.

Opening the show with “Transparentsoul” (her hit featuring acclaimed drummer Travis Barker), Willow set the tone and made attendees give up our reckless thoughts that rock could ever be dead. Even though her music represents a mixture of different genres, her live show has more of a dark, grungey vibe, corresponding to the new album Lately I Feel Everything: a full-length project that came out earlier this year that gave us hope we are now witnessing rock music making a big comeback.

Despite her young age, Willow shows her exceptional ability to perform live.

Her voice sounded perfect… obviously feeling comfortable to lead rock concert chaos. She don’t hesitate to experiment with harmonies and add some unique sounds to live versions of her hit songs. In the middle of the show, Tyler Cole (who opened for Willow) came back onstage for a few songs together. Opening artists Dani BBY and We Don’t Ride Llamas, along with Cole, deserve special attention for being pure delights before the main act!

Closer to the end of the performance, Willow moved to the drum kit and finished the show with her older hit, “Wait A Minute!”. She left everyone absolutely in love with her performance and got back on road to finish her tour. She has some more shows left and, next year, we will be lucky to see her opening for Billie Eilish at The Forum on April 8th as a part of Happier Than Ever Tour.

Photography by Julia Kovaleva

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