Xavier Rudd at LA’s El Rey Theatre

Unknowing the journey on which we were about to embark, enthusiastic fans filled the historic El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on September 12th to celebrate the highly anticipated release of new music from Bobby Alu and Xavier Rudd. With eyes closed, ears filled with musical and lyrical genius, one would’ve thought you had jumped hemispheres and were on a fantastic journey through the outback of Australia.

After the release of the aptly titled single “Fire” and the announcement of his third album and equally appropriately titled Flow (set to launch on October 18th), one-man musical phenom Bobby Alu started the evening off with a raw and emotionally-charged set. Showing off his mad melodic skills and mastery of instruments, Alu told stories through his songs and further shared how he met Rudd back in Australia: how the two began touring to now touring as his own set along with him.

New and steadfast fans alike were graced with a magical night of music and storytelling…

It’s been a long six years since Xavier Rudd’s previous album. With the release of the sensational new album, Storm Boy, Rudd takes fans on his life’s journey over the last five or six years as he reflects on the things going on around him. Rudd and his talented band of musicians entertained fans with a beautiful blend of old favorites and new songs. Rudd also showcased his mad solo musical expertise and flair by playing drums and two didgeridoos flawlessly at the same time!

New and steadfast fans alike were graced with a magical night of music and storytelling that left the sweet sounds of Australia echoing in your ears for days to come.

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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