2nd Annual Rootfire at the Park announced

Returning in its second year to Cocoa Riverfront Park, Rootfire at the Park has officially taken shape! Extended to three days this November 10th-12th in Cocoa, Florida, RATP 2017 stands as exponentially more than a typical music festival – it’s a true outdoor experience. Lineup aside, this particular fest thrown by Rootfire, Deuterman Productions and Ineffable Live is an effort to raise money on behalf of the novel and neoteric Rootfire Cooperative, a record label that aids artists in creating, marketing and distributing new music via interest-free microloans. And, let’s face it – musicians need any and all financial assistance they can get! Still within its first year, Rootfire Cooperative has cranked out six albums to date, all reaching #1 on Billboard or iTunes Reggae Charts. Not too shabby for an industry newcomer…

Stemming from the brand's first event hosting a California Roots afterparty in 2015, Rootfire has since actively tried to ascend in the festival arena. Rootfire General Manager Reid Foster states, “We are excited to be returning to Cocoa, FL, and inviting more people to enjoy elements of our daily lives in the setting a three-day festival. Think riding bicycles, playing pickup soccer, and eating local food, all within the context of the music we love and the community we live in.”

Rootfire at the Park 2017 is exponentially more than a typical music festival – it’s a true outdoor experience. 

So, why attend Rootfire at the Park? First and foremost, the lineup: Michael Franti & Spearhead, Shaggy, and Citizen Cope do anything for you? Well, it should. Because those three acts are absolutely spellbinding, sensational and spanning so many genres each and of themselves. Joining the headliners are Charles Bradley & his Extraordinaires, Hippo Campus, Tarrus Riley, The Hip Abduction, Lawrence, Moska Project, New School Dropouts, Treehouse, The Ries Brothers, Kash’d Out, Resinated, Sowflo, The Helmsmen, Victoria Leigh, Badda Skat Band, Spred the Dub, Jahmen, The Ellameno Beat, The Trees of Life, Cloud9 Vibes, Minus Turmoil, and Dub Massive Sound System. Thus, Rootfire has created a definitive balance between inviting out-of-towners into the mix and promoting homegrown music, evidenced in the inclusion of up-and-coming Florida bands Kash’d Out and The Ellameno Beat. Regardless of musical preference, the 2nd Annual Rootfire at the Park will please all.

Set to this solid soundtrack, festivalgoers get to enjoy so much more than music! Throughout the festival grounds, there will be craft vendors (naturally), but what separates RATP apart from the trend is that it stays true to the word 'craft', as in craft art, craft food, craft beer and wine, but also craft kombucha, kava kava, and more! This all-ages event further invites you to explore your favorite outdoor activities as the days progress, such as yoga or pickup soccer games at the Soccer Garden Party presented by Mill Valley Soccer Club. Bringing the whole family? Not a problem! The 2nd Annual will have a dedicated Kids’ Zone, as well as a Splash Pad – just make sure to bring your swimsuit. Speaking of bringing stuff, the fest encourages everyone to show up with a white T-shirt to donate to the Kids’ Tie-Dye activity center. In case you forgot the sunscreen – don’t worry, it’s free. And, so are family-friendly games and that aforementioned Kids’ Zone… and even the kids themselves are free if they’re ages 12 and under! That’s right: you’ll never find a more affordable festival to attend, with all proceeds being donated to creating art. What a wonderful circle of festy life.

Thus, Rootfire has created a definitive balance between inviting out-of-towners into the mix and promoting homegrown music…

Speaking of tickets, 3-day general admission early bird tickets are now available for purchase, as well as early bird VIP. Pocketbook stretched a little thin? Attendees can earn discounted tickets (on top of the early bird price) by simply biking to the event! Planet sustainability is clearly just as important to Rootfire as perpetuating the music production process. Why spring for VIP, you ask? Great question. For starters, VIP ticket-holders receive not only a private viewing area and bar, but also air-conditioned bathrooms and festival reentry. And, you better believe that A/C is going to come in handy, since November in Florida is still going to be hot! Oh, did we mention you get free drinks? Yes, write this down: all VIP guests get to take advantage of an OPEN BAR for two hours EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. That right there gets you your money’s worth. For more information, visit rootfire.net.

2017 lineup announcement:

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