420 Feeling Irie Playlist: 2014

There are many stories and myths surrounding the origin and significance of “420.”  Some say “420” derived from “The Grateful Dead” and others say it was a phrase coined and used by San Rafael, California high school students in the 1970’s as code for partaking in nature's amazing gift of marijuana. 

Nothing compliments the sweet sensi more than great music and good vibes

Regardless of how “420” originated, April 20th is now the official day for everyone to celebrate the medical wonder plant.  It’s no secret that cannabis promotes creativity, peace, and harmony, as well as healing for the body, mind, and soul.  So on this special day, pack a bowl, dab-a-do-it, or roll one up and blaze with our “420 Feeling Irie Playlist” from some of our favorite Reggae-Roots-Rock-n-Hip-Hop artists.  Nothing compliments the sweet sensi more than great music and good vibes, enjoy and be safe!

420 Feeling Irie Playlist on Spotify

  1. Feeling Irie – Ease Up
  2. Higher – Through the Roots
  3. Bowl for Two – The Expendables
  4. Burn One – Fortunate Youth
  5. Senimillia – Collie Buddz
  6. Officer – Slightly Stoopid
  7. So High – Rebelution
  8. Love Tune – The Steppas
  9. So in Love with California – Krooked Treez
  10. Freeland – The Movement
  11. The Garden – Tribal Seeds
  12. Irie Feelin' – Just Chill
  13. Burn One Down – Ben Harper
  14. So Beautiful – Thrive
  15. Ganja Farmer – J Boog
  16. So High – Konshens
  17. Smoke Two Joints – Sublime
  18. Sweet Sensi – Fortunate Youth (feat. Josh Heinrichs)
  19. Herbalist – Alborosie
  20. Ganja Smuggling – Eek-A-Mouse
  21. Sensi – Long Beach Dub Allstars
  22. Pass The Marajuana – Mystic Roots
  23. Blood Money – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
  24. Pass The Kouchie – Mighty Diamonds

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