Kansas celebrates 50 years in St. Louis

The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis became more than just a venue on a rainy July night—it became a portal to five decades of musical history as the legendary band Kansas graced the stage to celebrate their half-century mark. With a history rich in classic rock and thought-provoking lyrics, Kansas offered a masterclass in […]

Charlotte Sands releases ‘Alright,’ first single of 2023

Charlotte Sands released her first new track of 2023, gracing us all with the reminder that it does get better. “Alright” strikes deep to anybody who has ever felt alone, stuck, or overwhelmed. This strong message paired with a powerhouse pop melody and soft piano moments creates a moment of hope and peace when you […]

Boca 45 shares his greatest hits playlist

What to say about the established Bristolian deejay Boca 45? After escalating to a world-renowned name for his unbeatable dance soundtracks, featuring everything from hip hop to grunge rock to trippy psychedelia, Boca 45 (née, Scott Hendy) is celebrating his 45th year with the launch of a life-encompassing album, fittingly entitled Forty Five, on his […]

VP Records bringing hot fyah to Apple Music

VP Records has proudly announced their latest endeavor with Apple Music for its own specially curated playlists. VP will be providing dedicated playlist geared towards your interests and hopefully introduce music lovers to some new tracks while creating a more intimate connection through their carefully crafted lists. “The idea is simply to offer a selection […]

Celebrate 420 with Peter Tosh

April 20th, probably more lovingly known as 420 by many, is today! A number of myths fanned out about its origin, perhaps the most popular being that 420 is the police code used to signify possession of marijuana—although it's not. The term was actually conceived in 1971 in San Rafael, California by a group of […]

420 playlist: vol 2

If you’re planning on celebrating 420 today, you’ll definitely want to have a soundtrack blasting in the background all day. While many songs sound amazing anyway while celebrating today’s holiday, plenty of bands in recent history have been writing, formulating and performing songs in honor of the sensimellia, pakalolo, ganja, chronic and wacky tobacky. Whatever […]

Valentines Day “I and I” Playlist volume 2

It’s that time of the year again and love is in the air, especially when you’ve got our annual Valentine’s Day playlist rocking your night away. As Fortunate Youth simply put it, “Love is the Most High,” which comes in all shapes and forms, so this year we’ve also included a dash of peace and […]

Top Shelf Music’s reggae guide to bad days

In an ideal world, everyone would get along with everyone — nothing but positivity would encompass each individual as they emerge from their respective homes and maneuver their surroundings. Days would be filled with sunshine and good news, cash promotions and abounding possibilities; nobody would be flipping anyone off on the freeway and nightly celebrations […]

420 Feeling Irie Playlist: 2014

There are many stories and myths surrounding the origin and significance of “420.”  Some say “420” derived from “The Grateful Dead” and others say it was a phrase coined and used by San Rafael, California high school students in the 1970’s as code for partaking in nature's amazing gift of marijuana.  Nothing compliments the sweet […]

Valentines Day “I and I” Playlist

The great poet Roy Croft once said, “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you”. Those of you who have loved at least once in your life know that this one statement holds especially true. Whether you’re celebrating with a new love, old love, […]