A chat with Bad Cop/Bad Cop frontwoman Stacey Dee

A chat with Bad Cop/Bad Cop frontwoman Stacey Dee

If you haven’t heard of Bad Cop/Bad Cop yet… let me tell you, you are massively late to the party for the most insanely talented group of punk rock women! The badass ladies of Bad Cop/Bad Cop are cooling their heels after a wild summer of touring to get up close and personal with their friends at the infamous Alex’s Bar in Long Breach, CA THIS Friday, October 11th! 

Be sure to check Bad Cop/Bad Cop out this week to catch a few of the new songs they’ve been working on…

Check out this quick little interview with Ms. Stacey Dee herself to see what she had to say about this summers shenanigans, the bands affinity for Alex’s Bar and their upcoming new music. Be sure to check Bad Cop/Bad Cop out this week to catch a few of the new songs they’ve been working on… and, of course, their old favorites, too! 

How different is it to perform in smaller venues, like Alex’s Bar, versus the larger festivals you’ve been performing at recently?

  • Stacey Dee: Playing at Alex’s is a big deal to us; it’s a very well-known hometown venue. We always wanna do well there. Festivals are great, super fun. Big stages and lots of people. You get to see friends you haven’t seen in a while. They are rewarding in so many ways, but playing a rad hometown show at a place like Alex’s is where it’s at! It’s OUR show. We get to play way more songs. We get to connect with OUR people and fans! We get to see friends we don’t always get to see at home. It’s way different, but equally as rewarding.

Congratulations on the success of your European tours! What was your favorite European city to perform in?

  • SD: Hmmm, probably Ljubljana in Slovenia. Punk Rock Holiday last year was incredible for us. What a FUN show and festival! We performed there with Punk in Drublic, too, and it was just beautiful. I love it there!

You stand for and represent women in such an amazing way. Which is your favorite song to perform live?

  • SD: Thanks for saying that, [it] means a lot. Probably “Wild Me” off of Warriors. I feel like that one is for us — every time! We are able to let go and be wild and fierce. [We’re] excited to start playing some of the new songs we just wrote; there is some fun guitar playing and singing to do.

It’s been two years since the release of your last album, Warriors. When can fans expected to hear new music? 

  • SD: Well we are just about finished with our newest full-length and hoping to get it out to you early next year! Yay, yay, yay!!!

Your music is direct, present and bold. What motivates you for writing music for the new album?

  • SD: Self-love, self-examination, self-awareness. Being in charge of one’s own life, being accountable… a road map to finding happiness within. 

Cover photo by Nick Riggs

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