WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Micah Shalom “Peace, Rights, Love”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Micah Shalom “Peace, Rights, Love”

It’s no secret that this country stands at a crossroads. One road leads to salvation; the other, certain doom. Destruction is all our doing, with propaganda misleading the masses and puppet masters pulling the strings behind Oval Office desks. What we need to do is wake up, get up, stand up. If we stay silent, bearing witness to injustice without ever taking responsibility into our own hands, then our passivity is contributing to the problem. We either unite or dissemble forever. Our call.

Shalom creates a communal call to action with his new track…

Reggae music is a great unifier for action and change. Common knowledge. With this is mind, it’s no wonder that several rootsy artists are putting pen to paper to voice their opinions on the ever-deepening rut us Americans (and the world at large) continues to dig. How will we ever harmonize, pacify, compromise? One rising artist out of Austin, Texas proffers his thoughts on world matters in his latest single “Peace, Rights, Love”. Micah Shalom, a rootsy activist of sorts, says “we don’t want no war… no fussin’, no fighting” — all we need is love. Shalom creates a communal call to action with his new track, complete with uplifting horns and a modern synth twist over a traditional roots reggae beat. It’s easy to give into the hype of mass media; fear-mongering is what the status quo feeds on. Duping society at large is much easier than figuring out a national (or, dare we say it, global) ‘total recall’, if you will. Spreading hatred and lies leads to murder sprees which leads to anger and fear which leads to voters choosing leaders appealing to emotion and pointing fingers at scapegoats. The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, big corporations retain their compounding profits and no one is the wiser. Except for the few that see through the smoke and mirrors scheme. Micah Shalom, like any rational human being, says “you’ve got to resist”. Get woke, as the kids say.

To be the first to hear the new single, check out Micah Shalom’s world premiere only on Top Shelf Music! If you want to catch the reggae artist in action, Shalom plans on celebrating his single release tomorrow when it hits all digital outlets in San Antonio alongside Kevin Bachelor (of The Skatalites), with a second performance in Austin on the 19th. For more information or to get tickets to the show, click on the links below.

Exclusive world premiere of Micah Shalom’s “Peace, Rights, Love” single:

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