A spotlight on Tatanka’s winter tour

Tatanka’s West Coast Winter Tour kicks off this Wednesday, Dec 5th. The tour will start in Arizona, cruise its way up California and end in Utah. Tatanka toured the west coast earlier this year, providing support for Fortunate Youth’s Wicked Awesome Spring Tour 2018. Tatanka was also part of the insane lineup at this year’s Surrounded by the Sound Music & Arts Festival in South Carolina. It has been a great year for the band, as they have recently released their latest single, “Reggae Ravers”, produced by E.N Young of Imperial Sounds Studio and featuring Nattali Rize and Sr Wilson.

Tatanka’s fan base is growing rapidly across the states (and even in other countries!!)…

Tatanka and E.N Young have worked together over the years and you can hear E.N featured on their song “Hear Me Now” from their self-titled album released in 2014. Tatanka’s hometown of Denver, Colorado has a great love for the band, making their hometown shows at Cervantes Masterpiece ones you definitely need to put on your bucket list. The Hard Rock Café in Denver also pays their respect to the band by displaying a signed custom-wrapped ESP guitar that was used in the band’s first two studio album recordings on the wall of the café, amongst other great musician collectibles.

Tatanka’s fan base is growing rapidly across the states (and even in other countries!!), but fans can come together on Facebook in a group called “Tatanka Dub Club”. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Tatanka on Spotify, not only to add their music to your playlist, but to follow their playlists too! The “Tatanka Dub Rotation” playlist was made for their listeners, which is updated weekly to include the band’s latest musical interests. Be sure to check out the band's Instagram page for upcoming tour dates and new music!

Watch official “Reggae Ravers” music video:

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