An interview with Tropidelic

Ohio-based band Tropidelic has been hustling all year long and with so much going on, we decided it was dire time to catch up with one of the biggest reggae-rock bands on the rise! Following a sit-down video interview at California Roots 9, we here at Top Shelf Reggae were wondering what more has happened since. Here's what frontman Roads had to say about their music and what's to come.

It’s been about a year since Heavy Is The Head. Should we be expecting to hear something new soon? Any collabs?

  • We are currently in the studio working on the next album and anticipate a release in Spring 2019. We have a short list of potential features that we're keeping under wraps for now. Stay tuned.

Speaking of your last album, were there any hard lessons learned from recording it?

  • We are focused on continuing to put out the best music we can and that means making improvements. Each record is definitely a learning experience but we've learned a lot of our hard lessons well before the last record. We feel we are in a good place now with our sound and going to hone in even more on what makes us 'Tropidelic'.

What are you most proud of about your music and why?

  • The diversity. We do what comes natural to us and that happens to be a lot of different styles. We have a lot of ideas for what's next and what's after that, none of which are bound to any set genre.

Talk about a song that has the most meaning to you.

  • As far as a song on the last record? “Leviathan” was a cyclical melody playing through my head for a couple years leading up the record while we were on the road. It came out of a dark time in my life and I attach the most personal emotion to it.

Now that the year is almost over, can you reflect on it and tell us what has been the highlight(s) of 2018 for Tropidelic?

  • Cali Roots and Reggae Rise Up were definitely big highlights of 2018. We also got to tour with some great bands like Flobots. We experienced a ton of growth in the last year and all signs point to that continuing in 2019.

Speaking of, what does 2019 look like?

  • We recently announced several midwest dates with Sublime with Rome in January and have the 311 cruise in March. We have several other big tour announcements coming soon that we are stoked about. We also just announced our third installment of our festival, The Freakstomp Music Festival, August 8-11 in Butler, OH. The fest sold out last year and will host another eclectic mix of acts from all over the U.S.

What do you think or hope people are doing while listening to your music?

  • I hope they are enjoying themselves and being themselves. We hope we can be the sound canvas for people living their lives the way they want to live them.

What would your last meal consist of… Go!

  • Sushi with eel sauce, plus a salad with some of that ginger dressing. Maybe a vanilla malt for dessert.

Thanks again for taking to time to chat with us. Any words for your fans?

  • Thanks for everything. We're going to keep pushing and writing music. It is only the support of our fam that allows us to make it all possible.

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