A talk with Nattali Rize on self-actualization, music & more

A talk with Nattali Rize on self-actualization, music & more

Today is a good day: I got the chance to talk with an Australian artist who has brought her music across the vast ocean and thousands of miles of land, who constantly pushes the envelope, along with her band, to create change and heal the world with their music. Her name is Nattali Rize. Living since the mid-2000s in Jamaica with her band, Rize is now conquering many roads on this planet for change, for the love of music and for unity for all people.

Rize’s intent for this life is a true positive connection.

For those unfamiliar with Rize’s music, her extensive release library includes collaborations with Julian Marley on “Natty Rides Again”, Kumar on “Indestructible”, Minori on “Fire Burning” and so many others! She has also shared stages with GRAMMY nominees Common Kings, Indubious, Fortunate Youth, Iya Terra, Mike Love and beyond, while being featured on Sugar Shack and playing reggae fests all over the world. Go check out the tracks “Rebel Frequency”, “One People”, “Warriors” and let’s not forget her recent collab with Mike Love on his song, “Believer”. There is so much more we can list here, but you have to go check out this artist for yourself or catch Nattali live with her band, fully committed to making life more amazing for lovers of all music! Whether you love roots-rock-reggae, R&B, hip hop, island mellowness, ska or dancehall, you will fall in love with Nattali Rize. She will shake the ground you stand on. Here’s what she had to say.

When was the first time music came into your life?

  • NR: Well, I first picked up the guitar when I was 13. You know how some people say they ‘chose music’? But, actually, music chooses us… in different ways and different forms. Whether we are musicians, singers, whether we work with music or whether we just love music, it ‘s such a natural and powerful force. Obviously, it comes from the higher up.
  • To share in that and experience in that is part of the human experience on earth right now and forever has been. Everything is sound and vibration, and they resonate differently depending where we are in our journey. Everyone is evolving at their own speed and own pace in their own way. Lyrics, melodies and sounds will reach people kinda when they need it, even; it’s meant to be a part of their journey. This is how I felt about music, because I even listened to Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff when I was young. Back then, I didn’t really fully understand the lyrical content; I just knew it had substance and depth. You don’t have to know the words — [lyrics] transcend into energy behind [them]. Behind Bob’s words, behind the lyrics, behind every strum and drum beat, there is intention. Especially when it comes to conscious music, world music and roots music. 

Your heart is huge and strong, Nattali! I have mad respect for you, standing up for the injustices on this planet. Can you tell us more about what change you want for this world? 

  • I can break it down to different pathways to reach different things… down to something that I think it comes all back to — the outer evolution can only be as powerful as the inner evolution. The outer environment is a reflection of our inner environment. The work that we do with ourselves, for ourselves and in ourselves has an impact on everything we do around us. It affects our perspective. Therefore, it affects our daily interactions the way we live on earth. When you really tune into that, people have to really search deep inside ourselves to really figure it out, because we have been sold a very elaborate idea of what life really is on this planet. As soon as we stop subscribing to that, we start to realize that another idea is available to us.
  • In fact, anything we imagine we can create. Creating new ways of loving, being, existing, growing, connecting… There is so much to learn and the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know much. That is the most powerful thing, I think. It is inevitable that people are going to realize their own power — that is when things really start to shift. Because, when you meet people that ‘know’ who they are, you can’t with fuck with them. As long as their intentions are good and they’re good people — and there are so many — and their interactions with those people are positive. The competition is stripped back, the judgment is stripped back. We don’t need validation from others. I am consciously putting my time and my effort and energy into being a part of the push for those things.

A musical path can be quite hard… any advice through the rough parts? 

  • We have to keep going over the hurdles… the journeys and our own lessons to learn. It might not be easy or they might be easy. But, in all of it, nothing is impossible as long as we stay true to ourselves. You know, tune into ourselves. We can get through, we will get through, we ARE getting through. That’s how I kinda roll! 

Love it! It was amazing to see you collab Iya Terra and Mike Love on your most recent tour! Can you tell us about it ?

  • [It was] such a very special, powerful evening of music for the people that came into the room or in the space. After the first night, I was like ‘wow, people are getting three headline acts of quality in one evening!’ It kicked off with me, then with Mike Love, then kept going with Iya Terra in the full band. Mike and I did a solo acoustic [set]. Just really powerful evenings — it was great! We were all collaborating with each other onstage, in each other’s sets… For me, Mike Love is one of my favorite people! It is so nice to be able to come from another part of the world and meet someone that is actually really similar… both sharing similar values and both on a very similar mission, but different too. He is so humble and just so great to work with. I am a fan!

You have played on so many stages around the world! Is there a country you have not been to and desire to go to?

  • EVERYWHERE! [I] went to Egypt, but want to go everywhere in Africa. I want to really hit more South America, as well as the Caribbean and Asia… Been to Japan many times, but never been to India. Another tour will be listed soon, as well — FYI!

Out of all your music , which piece is your favorite?

  • I do love them all, however, I do have some new songs coming out with the new album, which I am so excited about, either this year or beginning of next! If I had to pick one differently, across the board it would be “One People”, because the same way it is connected with so many people, the same way it feels special every time I sing it. It’s doing some different work. Vibrations come out in that song. That’s why I think people have connected with it and why I enjoy performing it so much!

I know you talk a lot about tapping into different frequencies. Can you tell us more about that? What do you think could help others to find that connection with themselves and the universe?  Maybe for not just musicians, but humans altogether?

  • Well, again, I think it’s about taking the time to find that quiet space to reconnect with yourself. For some, that is meditation or some other form of not blocking it all out, but going into a more, perhaps, sovereign space in your mind. And, when you are there, you are open to receive whatever it is you meant to receive… [you] get into the zone, whether you are creating or observing. That, to me, is the most powerful space. Every human is creative and a creator of something, and whatever it is to you, whatever your gifts are. Some of us have many different gifts, perhaps [some are] jacks of all trades. 

I can totally relate to that!

  • Wherever you are most creative — whether it’s in a kitchen or a classroom — is really key, because in that creative state, we do feel like we are finding our purpose. When we create something that wasn’t there before, it changes the landscape — no matter what it is. Ya know? It sends out a ripple throughout the world and the universe. I know some people work so hard and don’t have the opportunity to get back to what they love doing creatively. We are all so time poor… even me, at times, because I am so busy.

Sometimes, with work and life, it can be hectic and busy.

  • You know, when people are in line with their creativity and in that zone, with good intentions, they are unfuckable. They project a positivity and an energy that is inspiring, has momentum and [are] always wanting to be moving up and forward — upwards and onwards. Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable, but you gotta take those risks! Just accept whatever happens [by] pushing the needle. That’s the good shit: when you’re trying something new and different, and not sure which way it’s going to go. You just gotta give it a shot. Everything is possible!

Is there a time in your life that inspired your writing and changed you forever?

  • Hmm… there are many things in my life, but what comes to my mind as you said that was a book that I read called Our Word Is Our Weapon, written by Subcomandante Marcos from Mexico. That book inspired me forever! You have to get it! The way he puts words together just blew my mind, my awareness and how powerful words are. You will read it and agree! That was early on in my writing career.

Oh, I will definitely order that on Amazon ASAP! So, where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?

  • I AM GOING TO BE EVERYWHERE! I have a new album coming up, so that is definitely going to cover a lot of touring in there!!


  • I am here for the music, the mission, the journey. I have been spending a lot of time in America recently, where I am called and feeling that mission, spending time there, returning and reconnecting with everybody… [I] venture into some new territories and familiar territories… but, you know, I am here alongside everyone doing their thing.

A message for the world? 

  • You are evolving beings of light. No government, no politician, no laws, no rules, no mandates can ever take that away from you. Just keep rising up! 

Her music takes you to another land, and opens up different vibrations on many levels. She reminds us to open our minds and our hearts. Her music is her heart and soul that beats for this planet. Rize’s backing band has a sound that will take your breath away and give you chill bumps. There is NO band that sounds like them — NONE. The music connects you with island vibrations to international lands all over the world. The creativity that has come forth from her and her band will inspire everyone to follow their heart and go for what they want in life! Thank you, Nattali!!

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