Advents holds true to self in stimulating “Stigma” single

Advents holds true to self in stimulating “Stigma” single

Advents is currently one of the hottest bands in the NYC metalcore scene! Formed in 2019 through a variety of mutual connections and previous partnerships, the band is currently poised to take 2022 by storm. These guy have approached the New Year with one goal in mind — for their music to find those who need it most. Influenced by a wide variety of different genres and artists, which ultimately helped mold their unique and crushing sound, Advents (above all the breakdowns and drum fills) simply wants fans to know that no matter who you are, where you come from or why you are here, they are a band for you. This sentiment certainly holds true in their latest single “Stigma” featuring Awake At Last’s Vincent Torres, a song about the manifestation of the worst experiences you could go through and not letting it change you into someone you’re not.

While each member of the band comes from unique backgrounds and experiences, this song holds a special place for lead singer Anthony Spizziro. 

“Addiction runs rampant in my family and I have done my best to steer clear of it,” Spizziro states, “but, the stress this has put me through has weighed heavily on me throughout my life. I’ve struggled with potential homelessness, financial issues and navigating interpersonal relationships in the past, and I always felt like I was alone. I’ve wholeheartedly rejected the mentality of leaning on vices to numb pain, being that I had watched this strategy backfire firsthand so many times before. I wrote ‘Stigma’ at a time in my life when I had inflicted a horrible pain upon someone close to me and felt like I gave into a vice/supplemental replacement to make me feel a sense of self-assurance and comfort. The sad truth was, by doing this, I was actually able to finally face the problems I had been avoiding for so long, take a step back to reassess and learn from the trauma of making that mistake.”

A profound message for a killer song that has all the vicious riffs and passionate vocals you would come to expect from this sub-genre of hard metal! “Stigma” is what the band feels most people who have ever struggled with hard times need to hear. The future is looking bright for this upstart band from the Big Apple. In addition to the song’s video music video that premiered via Dreambound on January 28th, be sure to check out the single on all streaming platforms now!

Purchase or stream “Stigma” single:

Advents – “Stigma (feat. Vincent Torres)”

Cover photo by Michael Monto of Burning Wick Studios

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