WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: John Noble Barrack “Finding Friends”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: John Noble Barrack “Finding Friends”

Rising folk singer-songwriter John Noble Barrack debuts his “Finding Friends” single today only on Top Shelf Music! Whether or not you’re familiar with his tunes, you might recognize Barrack from his other ventures — namely, appearances on hit TV shows, like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Bull. He also is an avid charity donor to organizations such as National Disability Theater and The Actors Fund, or athletic charities by participating in running or biking events, such as The Pan-Mass Challenge or the Boston Olympic Triathlon. He even biked 190 miles for cancer research! This man does it all!

But, back to Barrack’s musical abilities…

From high peaks to low grooves, Barrack’s vocal range impresses in “Finding Friends” — a tale of, well, the awkwardness of growing up. Being an ‘outcast’, the one at dodgeball “picked last” … all of that weighs so heavily on a developing youth. Barrack’s bears vulnerability as he shines a light on his past, allowing relatability to all. We were all that awkward kid at one point or another! Seeing as how he blossomed into creative success, “Finding Friends” is just a testament that social status growing up doesn’t dictate anything.

Barrack comments on the track: “This song was inspired by my journey to social identity. How do I identify myself? Am I defined by the people I place around me? If so, what does that say? It’s a feel-good song that makes you want to sing out with your friends, both old and new. [It’s] inspired musically by some of the funk gods of old — Aretha and The Temptations.”

And, how easy it is to start shouting the words to this song once you know them! Be the first to tune into this catchy new folk anthem by John Noble Barrack today before it hits all digital outlets tomorrow. Be sure to also follow this aspiring Brooklyn-based star for more.

Exclusive world premiere of John Noble Barrack’s “Finding Friends” single:

Cover photo by Jeremy Varner; album photo by Maegan Gindi; album artwork by Mike McCauslin

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