An interview with Hirie

The young and extremely talented Hirie has been stirring up the industry since roughly 2013, turning the heads of both reggae and pop enthusiasts. The Hawaiian raised and San Diego native has been heavily touring the nation, most recently with Tribal Seeds and Leilani Wolfgramm on the 2015 Winter Chillin’ Tour where we caught up with her during the sold out, standing room only show in Petaluma, California.

So, you've been hitting the reggae scene really hard lately. How does that feel?

It's been amazing. We really don't want to stop moving and, you know, we always want to jump on tour. We always want to do shows, and we're so humble to actually have that opportunity. So, it's been really nice. I mean the moves are just moves. You know, we just keep walking forward and hoping for the best.

So, speaking of being on the road, I know you have a baby. Your husband is on the road with you. How hard is that? Is it hard to balance the family life and the career?

You know what. It's not because we really value our family life. The minute we come back, it's like way back to normal and way loving on my daughter. And when I'm gone, she's with other family, and you know, honestly she's having the time of her life because this is pretty much the only life she's known. So, she's not bummed as much as she's just really stoked, like: “Oh, mom and dad are leaving. I get to go to grandparents or something.”

That's so amazing! Hitting the scene so hard while being so young and just like jumping out. What has been your most amazing experience on the reggae scene at this point?

The most amazing experience has probably been hanging out with the band and hanging out with the fans after the shows. You know? It's incredible watching the size of the crowds kind of increase as time is going and to see people who know the music, like it's insane. You know? We obviously are so stoked.

What does it feel like?

You're just happy. You know, you're like: “Wow, okay.” All the hard work we've been putting in, all the hours, like that means something. You know?

Are you a San Diego native?

I'm not a native. I'm from Oahu, Hawaii, but I've grown there in San Diego now for about four or five years and I love it.

Who is your musical inspiration and how did you get into reggae music?

Musical inspirations. I have so many. You know, it ranges from like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion to like Groundation, Katchafire, Rebelution, Tribal Seeds. Grew up with Tribal Seeds since I was like 15. Living on Oahu actually, you know, you can't live there and not love reggae music, you know. So, I just started playing it and writing to it, and that's where I am now.

So, what's your primary goal in reggae music? What's the number one thing that's most important to you in your heart?

Will definitely be just affecting people, writing more music and hoping that people like it, and that it maybe changes something negative in their life into a positive.

Besides reggae music and your family of course, what's the thing that gets you going? Like the most motivating factor in your life and your passion?

Besides family, probably just the high of being on stage. You know, when you find something you love, you pursue it and you push through it hard. You know.

Besides the guitar, do you play any other instruments?

Ukulele. I can also play the keys a little, but not anything insane.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to us.

Thank you!

For more information about Hirie, give her a follow on Facebook or give her website a visit.

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