SOJA GRAMMY nomination

At the 57th edition of the GRAMMY Awards, a name familiar to many American Reggae fans will be announced in the running for one of the genre’s most prestigious awards. SOJA’s latest album, Amid The Noise And Haste, has been nominated for Best Reggae Album along side some of the biggest names in the game. Their most recent release, which topped Billboard’s 200 chart at #20 on debut in August, will be going up against the likes of Ziggy Marley, Sean Paul and even Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry at the February 8th awards show.

The Virginia-based band recently finished performing in Jamaica at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. SOJA has enjoyed a steady rise to the top list of reggae rankings. Formed by a group of middle-school friends and a strong dedication to music, the band has amassed an impressive international following. With many of their concerts often sold out, the band also performs at dozens of festivals around the world, including those located in Australia, South America, and Europe. The future looks to be that much more promising for the now GRAMMY-nominated reggae group.

SOJA has been a non-stop force in the American Reggae scene, producing tracks that send a clear message of hope, love, and realization

In addition, SOJA also recently won two awards from the 33rd Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) in 2014 for Entertainer of the Year and Best Reggae-Rock song, “I Believe.” Their album, Amid the Noise and Haste is also nominated this year for the French Victories of Reggae Roots Album of the Year.

SOJA has been a non-stop force in the American Reggae scene, producing tracks that send a clear message of hope, love, and realization. Although their music is a mix of traditional roots-reggae music mixed with an East Coast sound and Latin horns, the band is best known for their outstanding live performances. With high-energy and passionate performances, SOJA never seems to disappoint their fans found around the world, including the nearly four million followers via Facebook.

Although there seems to be an unspoken dispute circulating in America over what constitutes to real reggae music – whether it is only genuine if it comes from Jamaica or other islands in the Caribbean, or if reggae-rock bands are diminishing the true message of reggae music, it cannot be denied that SOJA’s music is one of many forces reinforcing what constitutes to this type of world music. Collaborating with such artists as Damian Marley, Collie Buddz, and J. Boog, SOJA is leading the world in showing that no matter how one defines each genre of music, it is about pushing through boundaries and creating messages of unity and respect.

For more information on this astounding band, visit SOJA’s website.

Co-written by Keenan Donath

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