Angels & Airwaves returns with “Restless Souls” single

Angels & Airwaves returns with “Restless Souls” single

It has been over seven years since Angels & Airwaves released a new album, but we are finally getting a new one this fall! Lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Delonge has been working on other projects of late, including chasing aliens and directing a coming-of-age sci-fi feature film titled Monsters of California, yet fans are most thrilled to hear new music is on the way. The band’s latest single “Restless Souls” explains how to enjoy the ride of life: how to adapt to changes and never giving in when the world caves in…. living beyond life after death and the unknown — hence “restless souls”.

“Restless Souls” has that old Angels & Airwaves sound from their ‘We Don’t Need to Whisper’ and ‘I-Empire’ days.

With the fast verses, bass, guitar and drums, it reminds us of songs like “Shove” and “Calling in Arms”. The songs blasts off with organic sounds, with a low bass on repeat and electronic beats. Delonge starts singing the first verse, as the drum kicks come in with backup vocals. The chorus adds more guitar, symphony and drums bashing, while the hook of “Restless Souls” reminds me of “Breathe”. One more chorus comes back to finish this amazing song. 

Their new album LIFEFORMS will be released on September 24th, with the band starting off their LIFEFORMS tour on September 29th in Riverside, California. For more information or to grab your tickets now to see A&A live, make sure to visit the links below.

Angels & Airwaves – “Restless Souls”

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