Beebs drops “Life Is Too Short” single featuring Kaleo

If you haven't experienced the emanating essence of Beebs in person, you can get a taste of her enigmatic nature embedded in the eclectic music she produces. And, if you have been in her presence, you are well aware that she lights up any room. Ever since her Warped Tour days with her Money-Makers, Beebs has ventured solo, proffering a pop/indie/soul sound on top of her signature jazzy ska vocal technique that fans recognize of Beebs and Her Money Makers. Talent alone does not describe Beebs; it's the whole package that makes her a cultural symbol for peace, love and unity. Her music, her fashion, her attitude, and most importantly, her message is why Beebs has risen to the top of the alt-reggae, jam-funk scene and beyond… and she isn't about to depart any time soon.

Talent alone does not describe Beebs; it's the whole package…

Beebs' debut solo album Eye Shine hit the airwaves in 2016 and the female icon has toured in promotion of it ever since. As of May 25th, Beebs released her second single since the inaugural album entitled “Life Is Too Short” off Law Records, featuring Pepper frontman Kaleo Wassman and Wayne Lothian of The English Beat – the first single to hit digital outlets since her inaugural LP! Not only that, but the single release coincided with the live stream launch of Day One at California Roots 9, hosted by Beebs herself and sponsored by Weedmaps and Livelist. Talk about multi-tasking at its finest! “Life Is Too Short” is now available to stream and purchase, giving Beebs fans yet another excuse to love her. With synthy horns and an airy tonality, “Life Is Too Short” brings forth the disconnecting ethos in order to reconnect with nature. We're all working the grind, but it's important to love and appreciate the little things about this world as we progress through life. Go outside, soak up the sun and open yourself up to the universe, for there's “nothin' quite as nice than the feelin' of sweet sunshine”. Beebs clearly sees the value in meditation and preaches to just breathe, just be. With a walking bass, Beebs skatting through the chorus and subtle trap elements, this ethereal single creates an auditory oasis… and an escapist mentality is extra nice in case you have to be cooped up inside as you listen. The song ends with a back and forth between Beebs and Kaleo: “I'll be offline” if you need me, says Beebs; “I'm in the atmosphere” right beside ya, Kaleo responds. Whether metaphorically or physically, this track brings together good friends chanting an anti-materialistic mantra… and that's beautiful.

It is not discernable at this time if Beebs intends to release her sophomore solo album in the near future, yet one could only hope with a single this fire. For more information on Beebs and her whereabouts this summer, please visit

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