A look into Scott Woodruff’s ‘Free Flow Sessions’

Stick Figure's Scott Woodruff is a mighty, musical man with many talents. Lately, he has been busy creating what he calls 'Free Flow Sessions'. Scott explains, “Every couple of weeks, I'll be posting a video clip of a new dub beat created here at my studio, Great Stone Studios. Free Flow Sessions is a concept where I'll be making instrumental jams: capturing the creation, recording and mixing of short dub rhythms. The idea is to make beats quickly, not overthink them, and create melodies and riffs that are simple and come naturally.” On the end game, he adds “This music is not intended for albums, but rather about exploring new ideas and the process of creation in the studio while expanding production skills.”

“This music is not intended for albums, but rather about exploring new ideas…”

Usually these special Stick Figure videos are created and filmed in one recording session at Great Stone Studios, filmed by the beloved staff of Bulldog Media. So far, four Free Flow Sessions have been released, the latest featuring Eric Rachmany of Rebelution. It goes without saying that we are all looking forward to hearing what fresh beats the next Free Flow Session will bring.

To hear the first four, click the sessions below, again, photos and video courtesy of Bulldog Media.

Free Flow Sessions, Take 1:

Free Flow Sessions, Take 2:

Free Flow Sessions, Take 3:

Free Flow Sessions, Take 4 (feat. Eric Rachmany):

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1 year ago

As a musician. I am in awe. Scott you are truly a master of the trade. Love the creative cloud you have in your brain