Ben Barbic teams with Craigy-T in “Close 2 Peace” single

Ben Barbic teams with Craigy-T in “Close 2 Peace” single

Hip hop-meets-reggae anomaly Ben Barbic is back with a brand new single “Close 2 Peace”, featuring the legendary talents of Craigy-T! Best known for his role in the dancehall ensemble T.O.K., Craigy-T has since branched off in a solo direction. Barbic knew Craigy-T’s dynamic Jamaican dancehall would pair well with his American fusion approach, exemplified in their contribution to the recent Raggamuffin Ride Riddim album, out now off Roots Musician Records. After that initial project, the duo continued to collab, leading to “Close 2 Peace” and many more in the works!

Like many of Barbic’s songs, “Close 2 Peace” is a call to action.

Like many of Barbic’s songs, “Close 2 Peace” is a call to action. It’s time to end the violence. Starting dubby with echoing instrumentals, Barbic raps how “heartbreaking” the state of the world is… yet, he’s “not choking”. If anything, he has all the ammunition he needs in music; it’s his “release” to get him “close to peace” and the closest he can get, the better. Rapping fast in the song’s verses, delivering words with the agility and speed of a semiautomatic, Barbic’s abilities are seen as a direct metaphor for anti-violence — words are his weapon, shoot knowledge over bullets. Craigy-T’s soothing demeanor in the track balances Barbic’s lyrical aggression, creating the perfect yin and yang. If we use music to heal, education to end violence and a uniting approach overall, everything is going to be “alright”.

“Close 2 Peace” is out now on all digital outlets off Rebel Sound Records, so check out the links below to tune in! Barbic and Craigy-T are far from over when it comes to the recording studio, promising more singles together throughout the coming year. For more information on both artists, make sure to follow their social channels, as well!

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