Top Shelf Music has a Patreon

Top Shelf Music has a Patreon

Top Shelf Music is proud to announce the official launch of the Top Shelf Music Patreon page! Patreon — a growing trend in entrepreneurship, especially in creative industries — is a subscription-based crowdfunding approach to the entities you support, whether that be bands, artists, independent labels or up-and-coming brands. Top Shelf Music, as a brand, has grown over the years, yet still falls short of being self-sufficient. With your generous financial aid, you grow our brand while we give you inside access, exclusive deals, merch items, artist shoutouts and more.

Help grow our brand… with perks!

Patreon lets subscribers cancel at any time, so we hope you don’t think we’re trying to scam you or lock you into anything from being a fan; we just want to offer you the option of helping us along (with numerous bonus incentives!!).

A letter from Top Shelf Music Editor-in-Chief Kristy Rose:

“Our Dearest Readers,

As you already know, we at Top Shelf Music offer the latest and greatest in music news through daily posting of online articles — sometimes several in one day! Our dedicated staff works hard around the clock to facilitate industry happenings, from field coverage to music reviews, yet what readers don’t know is that our growing staff around the nation works primarily without wages.

Media, especially music media, is hard to turn a profit, so even after eight years in the business, Top Shelf Music relies on donation-based content from contributing photojournalists. We’re lucky we’ve gotten this far with the help of online advertisements and YouTube monetization; without which, we would’ve been entirely non-profit to date.

In order to take the brand up a notch and move in the direction of salaried wages for photojournalists, we ask our readers to join our cause.

Through the continued support of readers such as yourself, it is our mission to provide you with the quality content you expect from a global music media news source on top of added perks for fans that help us along the way. Cheers to you!”

Patronage ranges from General Admission (our lowest tier at $3 a month) to our all-inclusive All Access Pass! Feel not up for a monthly subscription? We know money is tight, so we appreciate anything — even if it’s a one-time donation. All perks that come with each bundle are listed on our Patreon page and in several areas on our website now, so feel free to browse options. Every cent is appreciated!

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