Black Bird Hum broods in “Say You Want” single

Australia's Black Bird Hum combines elements of roots reggae, traditional ska and singing the blues in their latest “Say You Want” single off Rebel Sound Records. Normally well-versed in social commentary, BBH dials back their signature call to action to cater to one person specifically. Aimed at the one that got away, the track is contrarily upbeat, creating a hopeful demeanor to listeners. Perhaps, once the subject of the song hears how defeated I feel, love will return. Perhaps. With a bubble organ carrying the intro, the track's repetitive coaxing (just “say you want” me back…) does twist your arm a bit – bargaining is all part of the healing process, they say. However, living in the past is never a good forecast for the future.

Let's juxtapose current misery with the good ol' days. 

Speaking of the past, “Say You Want” is made up of a whole lot of nostalgic constituents. If living in the past is the theme, then the rootsy organ chords coupled with doo wop backup vocals circa the American 1950's fits accordingly. Let's juxtapose current misery with the good ol' days. “Got to get ya in my life [again],” pleads BBH lead singer Jon Panic, I'll do whatever it takes. Don't fight the feeling; I'll take you back in a heartbeat even if you “left me high and dry”. Forgiveness is key. With so many fish in the sea, just one that cut the line can haunt you forever.

After steadily gaining recognition in their hometown of Sydney, the Black Bird Hum boys are ready to get on the road to wherever their music takes them! Be on the lookout for Black Bird Hum in the United States soon in a town near you. In the meantime, Aussie fans of BBH can catch the band live throughout the remainder of the year. For more information on tour dates and beyond, visit

Want to tune in? Listen to “Say You Want” below:

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