Gentleman’s Dub Club blasts off with “Stardust”

London-based Gentleman’s Dub Club — known for their unique blend of dub, reggae, “dubtronica”  and ska — is a distinguishable group that has garnered international recognition and a singularly successful collaboration with The Nextmen. Gentleman’s Dub Club refocuses on something refreshing and out of this world, best exemplified in their forthcoming album Lost in Space. Set to launch January 2019, the album bridges gaps between psychedelia, futurism and reggae, with nods to David Bowie as evidenced in the album’s first single, “Stardust”.

The song takes listeners on a space journey where “Stardust”, a euphemism for hedonism, is the ultimate solution…

The song takes listeners on a space journey where “Stardust”, a euphemism for hedonism, is the ultimate solution for enjoying the ride. The opening lyrics plays off the famous line from the Apollo 13 mission — “Houston, we have a Solution“. By presenting a solution rather than a problem, the band immediately sets an optimistic tone. That traditional groove synonymous to dub, with laces of horns and drums, signals the onset of a space odyssey both Bob Marley and David Bowie could get onboard with. Jonathan Scratchley (vocals), Toby Davies (bass guitar, keyboards, vocals), Luke Allwood (keyboards, vocals), Matt Roberts (trumpet), Kieren Gallager (alto sax), Nick Tyson (guitar), Niall Lavelle (percussion, samples), Tommy Evans (drums), and Harry Devenish (engineer) have all brought forth their respective skills in order to create a product that aligns like a perfect constellation.

The real psychedelic experience, however, emanates from frontman Scratchley when he sings, “Stardust rushing through my bloodstream/I want to get higher/Stardust rushing through my bloodstream/I find myself lost in space.” These all-encompassing, intergalactical trippy lyrics not only make you want to dance, but also leaves you feeling as if you went on an awesome trip. Ultimately, “Stardust” reflects reggae’s ability to musically carry a song with lyrical themes pointed toward psychedelia, thus creating a perfect fusion between two worlds. Looking to transcend the humdrum presented by society? Then play “Stardust”— and play it loud.

Collectively, Gentleman’s Dub Club elevates themselves to a plateau of craft, one that’s taken them beyond the confines of their London home to bigger stages along their European tour this month through early November. That infectious stage presence they're known for is worth the ticket price of 16 Euros. Not in Europe? Not to worry. Fans of GDC worldwide can get their fix by pre-ordering Lost In Space today, out early 2019 off Easy Star Records. For more information, visit

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