Black Uhuru releases new album after 15 years

Black Uhuru has been progressing from their distinct sound since the early 70’s and, for the first time in 15 years, the legendary artists have returned to release a new album titled As The World Turns with some of their most vivid, electric tracks yet.

Clean production and an analog recording gives their offering an authentic 'Black Uhuru' sound, which earns the project a solid first impression. In true Black Uhuru fashion, the album provides intense, colorful and dramatic songs to dance and vibe to.

“This type of music still linger and that is why I’m still here.”

Black Uhuru kicks off the album with the title track – a smooth tune with a powerful hook. The tracks “Stronger”, “War Crime”, “Bone Alone” and the closer “Live & Learn” featuring Prezident Brown contain a sense of inspiring dramatics with smooth and effective lyrics to back them. The shining aspects of this album include nostalgic 80's songwriting; clean, raw, and danceable production; as well as a vocalist who occasionally veers into his own lane often and quite well.

In the end, there was one main factor that drove founding member Derrick “Duckie” Simpson back into the studio and keeps him onstage: “It’s the music, I’ve seen good music and made good music,” reflects Simpson. “This type of music still linger and that is why I’m still here.”

After spending five decades making music, Black Uhuru still maintains their signature sound, keeping everything on tape, old-school. “Everything was analog,” says Simpson. The album was recorded half in California and the rest in Jamaica. Most of the production was done by Horace “King Hopeton” Campbell at his Double Lion Studio who tours with the band on keyboards. Leebert “Gibby” Morrison Studio in Jamaica was used to overdub and voice the backing vocals by Nikki Burt. The album was mixed by Jermaine Forde who tours as the band engineer and Jay Edge William at Ajang Studio and the album was mastered at Music Works Anchor Recording Studio in Kingston. Band agent Mike Gener along with Derrick Simpson are the Executive Producers.

The album is now available on all major platforms and distributed by Independent Distribution Collective based out of San Francisco.

Purchase or stream As the World Turns album:

Track listing:

  1. As The World Turns
  2. Spectrum
  3. Stronger (feat. Agent Sasco)
  4. War Crime
  5. Stand Alone
  6. Betrayal
  7. Jah Guide feat. Bugle
  8. Chalice
  9. Jamaica Herbman
  10. Ganja Baby
  11. 5 Star General
  12. Police & Thief
  13. Bone Alone
  14. Slaughter
  15. Live & Learn (feat. Prezident Brown)

Black Uhuru Chalice official video:

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