Bobby Hustle drops “Fade Away” single, feat. Josh Heinrichs

Bobby Hustle drops “Fade Away” single, feat. Josh Heinrichs

Sometimes, things in life just kind of happen, whether you plan it that way or not. Certain ventures sort of fall into place how they were supposed to and go on to have a life of their own, regardless of your plans for them. One good example of this phenomenon is the new song “Fade Away” by Bobby Hustle, featuring Josh Heinrichs and produced by Luis Tovar (of Iya Terra) that was released on May 20th. A song birthed out of a simple Instagram reel, “Fade Away” is nothing more than a good ol’ fashioned, weed-focused, reggae-fueled banger, celebrating the many helpful properties of everyone’s favorite medicine (or Schedule I narcotic, depending on the state you live in). It primarily centers on weed’s ability to make the stress of the day simply fade away. 

The remarkable thing about this song for me, though, is the journey it took to go from content on Lu’s Instagram page to a living, breathing, musical experience. It is exactly the sort of thing in life you can never truly plan for; it’s also one of those things that in such a digital age centered around social media, you almost wouldn’t — or shouldn’t — expect anything else. “For me, the beat was made in a few hours,” says Tovar. “I was making quick IG reels on how I make my beats and this ended up being the one that stuck with Bobby.” It is a perfect example of something so innocuous and random to one person that takes on an entirely different meaning in another’s eyes.

A basic IG reel to one, a new single to the next.

Here is Bobby’s take on how it all went down: “Lu sent me the beat in an email with a few other instrumentals. I really liked this one in particular and went right in on the writing. One thing about me is that I am very comfortable writing just the top line of a song, meaning just the lyrics and vocal melody. So, it was easy. Everything else was already handled by Lu.” Having that trust in your producer is vital and, luckily for these musicians, that trust was earlier established. Bobby and Luis had already built up a rapport with each other, having worked together on a similar project in the past (an EP called Side Hustle), so the way this new track was able to manifest itself came fairly naturally to the two artists. 

When it came to Josh Heinrich’s involvement, Bobby goes on to say, “I had just grabbed a bag of Kush Mintz from my homie in San Diego and so the lyrics came quickly. When I got back to my home studio in LA, I recorded the vocals and sent them to Luis with an open space for a guest verse. I didn’t even ask who we should get; I just instantly sent the .mp3 demo to Josh, cause I knew he would crush it. Of course, he did! Josh sent back the vocals later that week and I went back into my studio and worked around what he had done. Then, I sent the vocals to Luis for mixing and mastering. The result is ‘Fade Away’.”

Having actively listened to both Bobby Hustle’s Side Hustle and the new “Fade Away”, both of which being laced with Luis’ fingerprints all over them, I feel pretty confident in saying that these two are setting themselves up for many more successes in the future. “Fade Away” is available for streaming everywhere now and you can follow Bobby and Luis on all of the social medias for the latest updates as new projects drop. 

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Bobby Hustle – “Fade Away”, feat. Josh Heinrichs

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