Boca 45 shares his greatest hits playlist

Boca 45 shares his greatest hits playlist

What to say about the established Bristolian deejay Boca 45? After escalating to a world-renowned name for his unbeatable dance soundtracks, featuring everything from hip hop to grunge rock to trippy psychedelia, Boca 45 (née, Scott Hendy) is celebrating his 45th year with the launch of a life-encompassing album, fittingly entitled Forty Five, on his signature 7″ vinyls. Boca’s presence has been invited to deejay the largest parties around the world, spinning only the best to get the people up and dancing. So, what is his ultimate playlist? We, at Top Shelf Music, asked the deejay giant to ponder his favorite tunes and put together a playlist for the ages. Here is what Boca 45 got back to us.

Boca 45’s Greatest Hits Playlist:

  • 1. Massive Attack, “Five Man Army”

Massive Attack paved the way for me. I left school in 1990. Blue Lines was released in 1991. This was ‘our’ album. It was the sound of Bristol bottled into this album. “Five Man Army” is like their posse cut — everybody breaking out doing their thing.

  • 2. The Stone Roses, “I Am The Resurrection

A lot of my music is drum heavy and Reni from The Stone Roses is one of my favorite big drum beaters! I also like a tune (not just hip hop) and this is the last track of their incredible first album, which also came out whilst I was at school. It made me turn my head to a different musical direction, but good music is simply good music (as Jimi Hendrix once said).

  • 3. DJ Shadow, “Midnight In A Perfect World”

From the mid-90s, I worked in a hip hop/funk record shop in Bristol called Purple Penguin. Endtroducing was probably the LP I listened to the most at quiet times and generally thinking, “How can I do this to this standard?” This is probably my favorite cut from the album.

  • 4. Marley Marl (feat. MC Shan), “Marley Marl Scratch”

I found out about hip hop from Electro Street Sounds Compilation albums. This was on Electro 8, if my memory serves me correct. It was made in 1985 and still sounds totally fresh. On my new album, Forty Five, I referenced this track with Emskee in “Energy Boost”.

  • 5. Portishead, “Numb”

Geoff (Barrow) is one of my best mates, playing drums and co-mixing on “Bryan Munich Theme” on my latest LP, Forty Five. This was the first thing I heard from Dummy and it blew my brain out when I first heard it in 1993. It still makes the hairs on my arm stand up when I hear it now. 

  • 6. Beastie Boys, “Sure Shot”

Could have been pretty much any Beasties track. I love(d) everything that they stood (stand) for. All of their LPs, up until Hello Nasty, are genius to my ears. It just so happens that this is the Beastie’s 45 which is rocking in my DJ sets ATM.

  • 7. Beck, “Where It’s At”

On Beck’s second album Odelay, he managed to combine classic songwriting with hip hop to perfection. He used The Dust Brothers as producers, who also made Paul’s Boutique with the Beastie Boys, which, if push comes to shove, is probably my favorite Beasties LP.

  • 8. De La Soul, “Jenifa Taught Me”

From 3 Feet High & Rising LP, which was released the week before Paul’s Boutique and got all the plaudits and great reviews. Basically, Prince Paul was doing something very similar to The Dust Brothers, but over on the east coast of America. Both records are HUGE influences on my sound.

  • 9. J Dilla, “Workinonit”

Nobody flipped samples like Dilla. Lots of artists shandy out as they go on (take less risks, etc). Dilla was the absolute opposite — his best work came before he sadly passed away. Everybody should own Donuts.

  • 10. Edan (feat. Insight), “Funky Voltron”

Beauty and the Beat LP was released in 2005 and I always go back to it for inspiration. It has everything. It’s wonky, clever, funky, arty and more. Here on “Funky Voltron”, E and Insight trade lyrical warfare and the synth line is utterly brilliant!

Hope you enjoyed the playlist, but to fully comprehend Boca 45, make sure to visit his artist links below or snag your copy of his latest masterpiece!

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