Brendan Clemente promotes “All Love” in new single

Brendan Clemente promotes “All Love” in new single

It’s time to embrace the weekend vibes — regardless of what day it is — with reggae/world newcomer Brendan Clemente’s mellow tune, “All Love”. Produced by Johnny Cosmic and released via Ineffable Records, the new single represents (in his own words) “one of the proudest moments” of his life, as well as an absolute fire addition to a career that is sure to take off very soon. “All Love” has been a long time coming for this musician-turned-blogger-yet-still-musician and, within its first 12 hours of life, the song amassed close to 1,000 streams! It’s a feat that Clemente fully attributes to his wise partnership with Ineffable Music. “All Love” definitely takes a different journey than his previously released track “Time”, also produced by Johnny Cosmic, for the new single still has its own unified, chill vibe that is able to keep you engaged and tuned in the whole time.  

Fun fact: with Brendan’s skills starting to get noticed, he was able to attract the attention of the legendary reggae keyboardist Roger Rivas, who, brilliantly as ever, laid down some beautiful keys for the record. Clemente tells it, “I was really feeling a Beatles-esque vibe on the verses and thought that some organ/electric piano — similar to the ones on the Beatles song “Don’t Let Me Down” — would be cool. Johnny Cosmic sent the song to Roger and [he] sent back exactly the magical vibe I was going for — subtle, but super pretty.”

After hearing this, I had to do some independent research.

I pulled up the iconic four-piece’s 1969 hit and I have to tell you… these guys totally nailed their interpretation of the keys from that song. The experience is exactly how Clemente describes it… “subtle, but super pretty”. Almost barely noticeable, but once you hear it, it’s impossible to not hear. 

Producer Cosmic says of his experience working with Brendan, “He’s such a great songwriter and has a special knack for melody. So cool to see him coming up as a writer for Hill Kid, just to end up making jams that others want to write about.” Having this be really my first experience with Brendan Clemente and his music, this writer, in particular, is definitely excited to be able to keep following and writing about this talented man’s music. “All Love” features a fantastic blend of acoustic guitar, gentle drums and lyrics that truly hit home. All of this just acts as the perfect platform for Clemente to be able to showcase his smooth vocals and brilliant songwriting.

It takes a lot to stand out these days, especially in the ever-growing world of reggae music, but it seems like with the backing of Johnny’s producing skills and Ineffable’s platform, Brendan Clemente is definitely on his way to constant relevance in this world, as well as a staple name on any festival bill across the country for years to come.

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Brendan Clemente – “All Love”

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