Meet rising indie rock star Michigander

Meet rising indie rock star Michigander

Fusing indie rock and pop into his own unique sound, Michigander is quickly becoming a name you want to know. Born Jason Singer, this Michigan native possesses the passion and prowess to take over the radio charts, a motive boosted ever-higher by his third EP release, Everything Will Be OK Eventually. If you haven’t checked it out yet on digital outlets, please do so now and make sure to thank us after it becomes the soundtrack to your summer.

Michigander might just be your next favorite artist.

After recently announcing a fall headlining tour (among several festivals, including Lollapalooza, Firefly and Summerfest), we felt a dire need to get to know this rising indie sensation. Here is what Michigander said about his summer plans, what fuels his fire and (of course) his latest EP via C3 Records.

‘Everything Will Be OK Eventually’ offers such a novel sound for you! What allowed this change to manifest from your previous work?

  • M: This was the longest amount of time I had to work on an EP. Due to the pandemic, I had so much time to sit with these songs and really perfect the sound I wanted. It was a luxury I’ve never had before and I’m hoping — moving forward — I can continue to work this way.  

How was the production process? Did anything get stalled with the global pandemic?

  • We started working on these songs at the end of 2019 and then went into the studio in January of 2020. So, we had some good bones for most of the tunes from the get-go. But, once the lockdowns got put in place, we had to sort of wait a little while before we could get back in the studio. I ended up writing two more songs, “OK” and “Together”, during that time. I’m not sure those songs would have existed without the pandemic.

With such an emphasis on mental health awareness, what do you hope to achieve through your music?

  • I hope that these songs become the soundtrack to the ‘return to normal’. I hope five or 10 years from now, when people listen to this EP, it gives them memories of when things started to get better. But, as for the present, I’d like people to know that they’re not alone, that everyone goes through shitty times and that things can get better.  

We’ve seen a couple of festival lineups roll out with your name on them. Are you excited to get back out on the road?

  • Yeah, I’m unbelievably excited! It’s been a dream to play these festivals for as long as I can remember and the fact that it’s happening is sort of surreal. It’s going to feel really good to play these new songs for those sizes of audiences. That’s what they’re meant for.  

And, then you have the fall to look forward to!?

  • We have a fall tour coming up in a few months that I’m thrilled about. I’ve missed living out of a van with my best friends, so I’m very excited. I’ve also started working on new songs for the next release. I’m feeling really good about the future.

Purchase or stream ‘Everything Will Be OK Eventually’ EP:

Michigander – “Better”

Cover photo by Jacob Mulka

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