By George launches forthcoming concept album with “Relax”

By George launches forthcoming concept album with “Relax”

As a part of their new upcoming concept album, The Life Of Guy, North Carolina experimental indie-rock four-piece By George unveils “Relax”: the first trippy, psychedelic entry into the story of Guy, a man tasked with finding balance between comparable issues and the ever-elusive quest for purpose and identity. It’s a struggle that seems all too relatable for so many of us these days. 

“Relax” propels By George’s ascent into developing their own genuine individuality, their true musical self.

These alt-rockers are representing Charlotte in a big way and are making sure to put their stamp on a genre that has seen its fair share of great ones pass through. Using heavy guitar riffs, massive drum beats and abusively addictive vocals, By George utilizes sounds similar to early Foo Fighters hits, blending them with indie-punk vibes to create a more distinct, unique version of their own. The band says of the new single, “Through this song, we wanted to document the feeling of being in a relationship where neither side is necessarily wrong, but motivations end up at odds with each other. You might want the best for each other, but, oftentimes, what you think is best for another person is not what they think is best for themself. Rather than make it a somber musical experience, we wanted to bring some upbeat and even slightly aggressive energy to get people to relate to that frustration.” 

That aggressive and frustrated energy is exactly what comes across with this single. The name “Relax” to me almost comes off as ironic… like relaxing is all you want to do, but life doesn’t always let that happen. The track follows the story of a complex relationship between a boy and some sort of authority figure; the two are at odds about how the boy should grow up. As well intentioned as he may be, the authority figure doesn’t really understand the boy the way he thought he did. Leaving the boy to fight an internal battle, deciding whether or not the frustration is justified or “all in his head”, the boy tries to move on, yet just cannot seem to find a way to relax.

By George has also released a music video for “Relax”, magnificently capturing the ‘garage band’ feel of the song, as well as the story of an ever-shifting identity.

Dropping a first look into the full album with the release of “Relax”, Henry Moldenhauer, Tyler Ford, Will Henshaw and Chaandmon Croft are positioning themselves in the right direction for countless amounts of success in the year ahead. While carving an exciting new path in modern rock, this single gives us a peak in to watch Guy advance on his journey, clinging to the “bright lights, wide eyes and white lies” of his youth, eventually coming to grips with the fact that nothing “lasts forever”. “Relax” is available now and The Life of Guy is planning a mid-2021 release, so be sure to keep an eye out for these projects dropping soon!

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By George – “Relax” official video

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