Roots of Creation team with Twiddle’s Mihali in “Arabia”

Roots of Creation team with Twiddle’s Mihali in “Arabia”

Billboard-topping reggae sensations Roots of Creation have teamed up with Mihali (of Twiddle) to release “Arabia”, the band’s first instrumental original track in years! The new song is the first single off of the band’s upcoming album Dub Free or Die Vol #1, due out April 30th. Originally intended for RoC’s 2006 album Rise Up, “Arabia” eventually found life after being passed on for so long. The track hosts a vibrant horn section that is filled out by well-known, acclaimed trumpeter Andy “AG” Geib (of Slightly Stoopid), longtime collaborator Billy Kottage (of Reel Big Fish) on trombone, alongside Roots of Creation’s own Andrew Riordan on saxophone. The driving force of the song is the battling guitar solos, performed by Brett Wilson and Mihali, going between Brett slowly building the melody to Mihali speed picking and, finally, combining the two into a raging firestorm of layering. 

With a list of musicians like that fueling a simple-yet-energetic melody, the song brings to mind the style of Jamaican reggae guitarist Ernest Ranglin — and with good reason.

Brett recalls, “‘Arabia’ is a song that I’ve been working on for over a decade… we usually put 1-2 instrumental pieces on each studio or live album. This is finally a chance to showcase this signature style we have developed over time at the forefront.” Mihali adds, “When I first heard the song it reminded me of [Ernest] Ranglin, who is and has been my favorite guitar player since I was 13 and felt like a great fit from the start! ‘Arabia’ combines two of my favorite styles of music: Reggae and Instrumental music.” Brett finishes, “I knew through our mutual adoration of Ernest, jamming and Reggae/Rock that [Mihali] would be able to crush a guitar solo that took you on a journey through time and space.”

The new album is planning on emphasizing those vibes, as well. Creating original instrumental reggae dub music that takes you on a journey, dedicated to their diehard fans, this upcoming project plans to focus on the devotees who go to every show, dissect set lists and are always first in line for the latest drop. Without them, the band recognizes where they would (or wouldn’t) be and how the fans have inspired them to experiment with new music and explore fresh, modern realms of tones and harmonies. The collaboration of Mihali and Roots of Creation for “Arabia” has resulted in an eloquent, vibrant instrumental piece with guitar solos that bring to mind the riffs of legends like Santana, Clapton and John Lee Hooker. 

The new single, of course, is aptly titled, as it has an overall Arabian, Middle-Eastern feel to it, with hints of a Latin atmosphere.

I could close my eyes and see myself at a club, dancing a salsa on a hot and steamy night in the streets of some spirited town. The guys really took care of business with this new single, being able to show off their epic guitar skills, but also their overall understanding of music and how to create a song without lyrics that still sings. I’m super stoked to see the reaction to this track, as well as the new album. 2021 has plenty of new music in store from Roots of Creation, so be sure to check out the band’s livestreams and catch the new single below.

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Roots of Creation – “Arabia”, feat. Mihali

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