Catching up with Everclear’s Art Alexakis

Catching up with Everclear’s Art Alexakis
Everclear - photo by Ashley Osborn

Everclear is a driving force in the rock alternative music world and has dedicated their lives to what they love for 3 decades. Their true tenacity and grit have proven to inspire fans and artists all over the world, even more so today with their new album ready to come out swinging for the new year! Their new album, Live at the Whiskey a Go Go, is not only mostly live and raw as ever as you also hear the fans singing along in the background, but the messages in their songs will move you to your core, and make you feel so alive!

Throughout their years of music since 1992, Everclear has sold over 6 million records as well as numerous other achievements such as twelve Top 40 hit singles, and a 1998 Grammy nomination, for their constant chart reaching songs. Everclear has been exploding and capturing that respect from the music industry as a whole, gaining loyal fans all over the world and touring the globe sharing their amazing music everywhere!

Everclear is on a roll and do not plan on hitting the brakes!  

Front-man and songwriter Art Alexakis was recently featured by People Magazine in September 2023 speaking about their new single “Sing Along” about teen bullying and suicide, causing waves throughout society on educating and creating more awareness for such an important cause.

Check out this interview as we get to catch up with Art Alexakis, vocalist, guitarist and founder of Everclear!

Hey Art, how are you!? Thanks for sitting down with Top Shelf Music Magazine! My friend wanted me to start by asking you something random. What is your favorite dinosaur?

  • Art: Wow, ok, well my favorite is probably the Velociraptor only because I saw that on Jurassic Park. I remember a few years back when they found a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and in the bone marrow the DNA had the closest modern relative was that of a common chicken. Could you imagine a 25–30-foot chicken? That would be horrific!

Oh my gosh, that would be scary as hell! I don’t know what I would do.

  • Art: You would die! You know, I hate it when people say I want to be in the middle or dark ages. Yea, I don’t think so. It smells with carnage, and you don’t live past the age 45, and there would be no Starbucks! Hell no! I need my Starbucks!

So do I! Where are you right now?

  • Art: I’m on a bus, going about 75/80 miles an hour right outside of Denver. We are packing shows like we haven’t in 25 years; it is amazing! We have our new record out and people are playing our single on the radio for the first time in decades! It just amazes me!

What was your first memory with music?

  • Art: I was 3 ½ to 4. My momma put me to bed, but I could hear something, and I went to see and hid behind the couch. I saw the Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” And this wasn’t the only time I saw this. But this time, as I watched I felt an electric current go through me. I ran to the TV to sit closer to watch it. Apparently, this isn’t the only time music got to me. Around 1964, when the family was all in the car riding, the song “Wipeout” came on the radio, and I just got up and started dancing and jumping around. My dad turned it off and I threw a fit! He then turned it back on to calm me down.

Do the guys in the band all live by each other? 

  • Art: No, we don’t need to. We are pretty much sprinkled across the west coast. We are a band that doesn’t really need to practice. We play an average of 100 shows a year and know our songs well.

Let’s talk about your new album! Live at The Whiskey a Go Go which was released in early September. How brilliant is this name! I love hearing the sound of loyal fans singing along in the background on this album! Totally gives me chill bumps!

  • Art: Well, it sounds like a live show, right? That is what I wanted! I didn’t want it autotuned. I wanted it to sound rough, loose, and still sound good!

“Sing Away” is riveting, addressing teen suicide. You were featured by People Magazine. It really hit me hard when you were talking about the inspiration for the song.

  • Art: Originally, the song came from my solo record in 2019. It was more acoustic. But even when I recorded it, it sounded like an Everclear song. It just came together well with the new album. We’ve been playing it live the whole tour.

The song really resonates with a lot of people, I think. I love to hear such a great artist sing and write about things that are so meaningful. It totally inspires me!

  • Art: Well, thank you for saying that, Stef! You know, I’ve always tried to write about things that matter. Never been a fan of songs about dungeons and dragons, however I do love Zeppelin and I love Rush. There are some exceptions. This song starts off quietly, it builds up, then gets kind of ragey. I think that is the Everclear style of how we do our music. Even with the sadness, there is happiness, and acceptance, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is a hard song. Sometimes at shows I say, “I apologize for writing such sad-ass songs.”

In the video your daughter is featured! She is such a natural!

  • Art: I know right! I know I may be biased, because she is my daughter, but others were saying that same thing! She looks good on film; I had no idea! However, she is an actor, and really into doing plays every year! I don’t understand it because I am not a fan of musicals, but she loves them, and I love her! So, yea!

 Very cool! I heard she is into music like Rage Against The Machine and Lamb of God!

  • Art: Well, she loves it all! Like Public Enemy, NWA, and pop and hip-hop music; she loves it all!

Well Art, she has your gusto and your fire! Your album has 17 songs!

  • Art: Yes, we have 15 live songs, 2 recorded. “Year of the Tiger” was recorded and put out last year. “Sing Away,” what we were just talking about, as well. It comes out digital, CD, and double clear Coke Green vinyl and sounds phenomenal!

Any sneak peaks for next year?

  • Art: I’m doing a solo tour in Australia! And then I come back and tour with Everclear. I am also working on my memoir and made the commitment to do it. I have publishers and agents. I am going to write a couple of chapters or so, have a friend of mine edit it, and see how it goes! It’s time to tell the stories!

Wow!! I’m ready! Oh my gosh, may I interview you for this one as well!

  • Art: Sure, you know where to find me!

Any last words of inspiration for those out there going through hell for what they love? 

  • Art: Keep doing it, man! Don’t listen to other people. Do what you want to do! You might not be successful at first, but if you GIVE UP, you won’t be! I’ve got that perseverance and tenacity from my mom, and I thank her for it every day! It’s just a thing, I’m just blessed, sober 34 years, a wonderful family, and I get to play guitar and sing for a living.  How cool is that!

Everclear – Art Alexakis (vocals, guitar), Davey French (guitar), Freddy Herrera (bass), Brian Nolan (drums) – is showcasing their incredible live show on the road this fall on a 30-date headlining tour, featuring special guests The Ataris and The Pink Spiders, stopping across the country! Visit their website for all dates, details and to purchase tickets!

Artist Links: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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