Orange County gears up for third annual Punk in the Park fest

Orange County gears up for third annual Punk in the Park fest

Orange County is about to get lit! Let’s get down to business! This is the show to attend with some of the biggest names in music; it will go down in history. Thirty bands, three grand stages going non-stop with adrenaline all weekend long! For the first time, the event will feature a Vans vert ramp with some of the best athletes in the world carving the ramps!

On Saturday, November 4th, the event explodes with the biggest names in the music scene! Headliners Pennywise, Circle Jerks, and GBH! Supported by heavy hitters: The Suicide Machines, Drain, Guttermouth, Death By Stereo, The Dickies, A Wilhelm Scream, Poli Van Dam, Narcoleptic Youth, The Gringoz, Greg Antista, Deviates, and more! Please let me just say, when is the last time you have seen Pennywise and Circle Jerks play together? Exactly, this is a one-in-a-million chance, so don’t miss it!

On Sunday, November 5th, presenting to your punk rock indulgence, Descendents, Goldfinger, and Buzzcocks will headline this epic day! Let’s not forget about the legendary punks: The Lawrence Arms, The Casualties, The Dwarves, The Queers, Throwrag, Strike Anywhere, Teenage Bottler/S, Naked Aggression, We Are the Union, Elvis Cortez, The Side Eyes, Speed of Light, Dissension, Rundown Kreeps, Fishing for Chips, and so many more! Punk rock until you drop!

In between all this excitement, the VANS vert ramps will deliver exciting skate exhibits by the biggest names in skateboarding! They’ll be grinding the trucks all weekend long!

Hors d’oeuvres! All the food and drinks that you could possibly imagine! Unlimited craft beer tastings. Over 100 craft beers, including award-winning local brews, for the ultimate beer connoisseur experience!

This is open to the public, of all ages, and family-friendly! Not to mention, Punk in the Park is uniquely offering exclusive attendee WiFi throughout the weekend. Beers will be served from Rad Beer next to PITB collaboration craft beer and delicious German-inspired bratwurst!

Tickets are selling fast for these events! This is your turn to have fun; see you there!

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