Common Saints impresses with “Idol Eyes” single

Common Saints impresses with “Idol Eyes” single

You may not be too familiar with rising sensation Common Saints of the UK, yet the name Charlie J. Perry should ring a few bells. The accredited producer out of South London has worked with the likes of BTS, Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre (among several other big names), recording his own works here and there along the way — all with a smooth jazzy persona. Now fueling his passion project Common Saints, Perry shines in a psychedelia soulful manner, evident in the lead single “Idol Eyes” off his forthcoming debut EP.

Common Saints allows you to turn on, tune in, drop out with “Idol Eyes”.

The exposition of “Idol Eyes” makes you feel like you’re watching the opening credits of in 70s-style blaxploitation film, awaiting the inciting incident to get you hooked. Jazz guitar and ethereal tambourine climb, giving way for a smooth guitar and beat before introducing reverberating tenor vocals — harmonized right at the sweet spots. “Forget discrimination, cause we’re made of the same,” sings Perry, a missive that rings true around a world fraught with racial tension. The chorus repeats “wanna make love, wanna get high”; Perry directly correlates the chants of late 60s (another historical era fraught with social and political tensions) to now. What have we learned? Why have we not learned? Common Saints allows you to turn on, tune in, drop out with “Idol Eyes”. Just listen to that guitar work…

“Idol Eyes” is the first of five songs off the debut EP and, from what we’ve heard thus far, it’s going to be one you don’t want to miss! For more information on Common Saints, visit the links below.

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