DENM defies expectations in “Fallin” single

DENM defies expectations in “Fallin” single

Promptly joining the celebrated list of southern California’s musical messengers, sun-kissed 20-something musician, songwriter and producer DENM (pronounced: Denim) has dropped his latest single “Fallin”. This ballad, dripping with SoCal vibes, is the newest release in preparation for his upcoming debut album Slum Beach Denny, planning to be released this year in partnership with Ineffable Records

Finding inspiration in SoCal predecessors Slightly Stoopid and Sublime, along with hints of his abundant studies of Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin II, this young talent has produced a hazy, optimistic love song — seemingly out of nowhere — with just the right amount of that sand and surf feel.

“Fallin” is an open, honest expression all about finding the right way to express to someone how you are falling for them.

A fairly brief acoustic melody, with an infectious beat, puts DENM’s heart out on his sleeve, as vulnerable as ever. The up-and-coming artist points towards The Beatles as his inspiration in interviews for keeping songs short and to the point. “Fallin” drifts a bit from DENM’s typical works, but follows similar paths of his most recent releases, like “Blow It Up” — embracing more of the cultural upbringings fueling his inner passions.

DENM comments on his latest successes, “It might look overnight to some people, but I’ve been working.” And, working he has been, becoming one of the most highly sought-after creative forces in the indie music scene for beyond a decade now. Marking his work with his own personal narrative and promoting profound, genuine and comprehensive sources of inspiration, DENM keeps a strong message of positivity at the forefront. After his inner and outer reflective projects started to gain some attention, this highly devoted independent artist decided to make a strategic partnership by joining forces with Ineffable Records in 2020 — a move that now enables Slum Beach Denny to reach his ever-widening audience.

Having grown up all over southern CA, DENM funnels that coastal culture into his music, culminating in an eclectic melting pot of rock, reggae, hip hop and pop. Looking like a child of the ’90s, this tatted-up, laidback pop artist has found a way to stand out in a unique way with “Fallin”, by fusing these genres and experimenting with them to come up with something different enough to continue to make a name for himself. For DENM, this forthcoming record contains an immense source of inner pride — a coming-of-age moment for him. “Everything was fully realized: the vision, the mission. I wanted to make a soundtrack of life that everyone can experience — falling in love; good times; hard times; a little bit of everything,” claims DENM. “Expect more out of me. I’m going to write about my life. I’m going to write about make-believe. Whatever. We’re just getting started. Slum Beach Denny is album one.” And, with tracks like “Fallin” making the cut, you know this album is instantly going to be a summer classic!

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DENM – “Fallin”

Cover photo by Dave Kraina

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