WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Roots of Creation “Mammoth”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Roots of Creation “Mammoth”

Reggae rock jam band phenom Roots of Creation is hard at work on their eighth studio album — yes, you heard us right, eighth! The aptly named Dub Free or Die Vol #1 (for such a dub-loving band) is set for release late Spring 2021, yet the band needs the public’s help! It wasn’t easy surviving the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and funds are running a little low, not just for RoC, but for most bands around the globe. Following their Middle Eastern-themed “Arabia” single, featuring Mihali, comes “Mammoth” alongside the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign to get RoC into the studio again, as well as mixed and mastered to perfection.

What a perfect song to spring fans into action!

“Mammoth” is dripping with heavy rock vibes, as Roots of Creation sprinkles their signature reggae dub echo and reverb interludes in between. Laden with EDM elements for contrast, “Mammoth” twists and turns in such unexpected ways that it keeps listeners attentive from the first note to the last. The band even plays with time signatures! This enlivening single is an instrumental call to action if there ever was one: the band needs your financial assistance and they will deliver on the promise of pure reggae rock if you do.

Trying to reach a goal of $20k, the band is already nearing halfway there within days of Kickstarter launch! Let’s rally together to push Roots of Creation over the hump and into the studio. Donate to their Kickstarter here and be the first to hear “Mammoth” only on Top Shelf Music before it hits digital outlets tomorrow.

Exclusive world premiere of “Mammoth” single:

Donate to ‘Dub Free or Die Vol #1’ album:

Cover photo by Josh Coffman

Roots of Creation links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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