DENM drops “Wild Trip” with Landon McNamara

DENM drops “Wild Trip” with Landon McNamara

DENM — SoCal’s favorite bad boy (and rad dad) — teams up with the son of the North Shore, Landon MaNamara, in the first collaboration from the Slum Beach Posse aptly named, “Wild Trip”, released via Ineffable Records on August 25th. The first of what is sure to be many, this group effort came to fruition when DENM spent time in Hawai’i this summer with McNamara and a few other musician friends for the sole purpose of creating music, surfing and bonding. 

The top comment from the official video on McNamara’s YouTube page states anonymously:

“The first 10 seconds I heard this song was enough for me to know it would be an automatic favorite.”

Hard agree from the Top Shelf camp. Synthed-out Hawaiian chanting punctuates DENM’s raspy vocals, which lament and reiterate his ongoing themes of living in chaos and searching for some type of peace, evidenced throughout his seminal 2021 album, Slum Beach Denny. An emotion too many know all too well, the brothers take life’s uncertainty and turn it into an easily digestible pill to swallow, like the “Eat Me” cookies from Alice in Wonderland. 

“Come to me, my peace // Rescue me // Life ain’t what it seems // Got the best of me // What a wild trip it’s been”… Soothing as it is poignant, this track illustrates what both DENM and Mcnamara are so good at: bringing coolness, and even acceptance, to male emotional vulnerability. Well-known for their roles as loving fathers and husbands, these two singer-songwriters wear their hearts on their sleeves and lay it all out on the table — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful — in a way that gives women hope for the rest of the men out here. 

Beach cruising and background music to paradise notwithstanding, “Wild Trip” has already proved itself on TikTok and Instagram reels, amassing hundreds of videos utilizing the island-tinged audio with users doing everything from outfit hauls to lake hiking to motorcycle riding. Inspiring as it is catchy, the collaborative track bridges the gap between California and Hawaii in a way we’ve always been ready for, but didn’t know we needed. 

Listen to “Wild Trip” on all digital streaming platforms now, as well as full-length albums from both artists. DENM’s 2021 Slum Beach Denny features the Dirty Heads’ Jared Watson, along with hip hop legends like Casey Veggies, while McNamara’s 2019 Still Kickin’ boasts 14 (!) tracks produced by the famous Oahu-based Noah Cronin of Sea Major Seven Studios. You can catch DENM’s headlining west coast fall tour with support from Boostive and Jakob Nowell, son of acclaimed Sublime member and reggae rock pioneer, Bradley Nowell.

Purchase or stream “Wild Trip” single, feat. Landon McNamara:

DENM x Landon McNamara – “Wild Trip”

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