Traveling ‘Wheel of Fortune’ tour hits Tysons, VA

Traveling ‘Wheel of Fortune’ tour hits Tysons, VA

Growing up, I spent most of my childhood watching Wheel of Fortune with my grandfather. I loved sitting in his chair and trying to guess along with him. It was really wonderful for me to be able to go to a live event for that very same show! It was an awesome way to start a weekend. It was also great to take my mom along! Capital One Hall in Tysons, Virginia is a stunning venue located just across the river from Washington D.C. The venue was very modern and sleek. With the lights raised, the room was warm and bright.

Row after row was filled with fans excited to be a part of the experience.

The Wheel of Fortune, Live! show is very different from the television show — the live version has the option of crowd participation and prizes. It also includes more rounds and players. Even the puzzles felt more intriguing than the ones on the show! My favorite was the crossword puzzle: it was challenging and made me really think of all the synonymous words that could work. And, the joy was contagious, rolling through the crowd every chance it got. I was also able to meet several newbies, like myself; it was great to talk about the experience and other shows they have been on. There was also a former Wheel of Fortune winner enjoying the show along with us. I loved talking to him about his love for game shows.

Photo cred: Shanelle Jacobs

You could hear the crowd figuring out the puzzle and guessing along with friends. One tip for newbies — don’t yell out the answers! You’ll be reminded, but the puzzles and the energy of the crowd do get the best of you sometimes. Truth be told, it was hard not to. When you know the answer, you want to just yell it out or at least help others to figure it out!

There were three different rounds that led to the championship. The new host, Mark Wahlberg (…not that one) and Kalpana Pot are a remarkable pair. Mark is funnier in person than he was on Antiques Roadshow. Plus, it was spectacular to see the champion walk away with $2,500. I can’t wait to go again!

Hopefully, I’ll be the next person walking out with $2,500 in my pocket!

Photography by Shanelle Jacobs

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