Disturbed drops eighth studio album, Divisive

Disturbed drops eighth studio album, Divisive

Disturbed makes a brave statement with the release of its eighth studio album, Divisive. Through this album, Disturbed uses its platform to bring to light the political and social climate we are all forced to live in. Divisive consists of 10 awe-inspiring songs that speak for themselves.

1 – Hey You 

This was the first single and first music video that Disturbed released to the public. The opening guitar riff on this has a sound like something they haven’t done before. The lyrical content coincides perfectly with the heavy sound.

There is a strong political message being delivered here. Reminding listeners of the importance of thinking for yourself and using anger to rise up! This is a very pointed message for the mental stamina of today’s society.

2 – Bad Man

“Bad Man” will melt your face off! It did to mine. This single is as lyrically heavy as “Hey You” but will also have listeners reminiscing over Disturbed’s older material. The diehard fans will hear it and immediately start head banging! Trust me. I threw my neck out while listening to this one! “Bad Man” will be a “must-play” for upcoming performances as it is destined to be a crowd-pleaser.

 3 – Divisive

The title track is the third single released from the album. “Divisive” really dives into how people are split on opinions nowadays and how people think their opinions speak for everyone. Each verse packs a punch. No one is listening to each other, no one is speaking to each other, and everyone is yelling, arguing, and baiting each other without any productivity. Disturbed brings that to our consciousness with this hit which inspires a lot of self-reflection.

4 – Unstoppable 

The second single released was “Unstoppable” and this one tells you that you have the power to make it through whatever you are dealing with. You are your own unstoppable force. This song not only delivers an important message but its heavy, its chaotic, and its pure madness.

5 – Love To Hate 

Frontman and songwriter, David Draiman asks listeners to consider why we tend to focus on and stir up hatred with the single “Love to Hate.” Musically, it’s not as heavy as “Bad Man” but this track is still fun and delivers an important message.

David, if that is the message you are trying to get across, thank you.

6 – Feeding The Fire 

WOW! It’s hard to prepare for this one. “Feeding the Fire”  is heavy to its core and reminds the listener of who Disturbed is and why they are top-tier musicians.

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I’ll just say, fans are in for a treat! Disturbed really knows what their fans are longing for.

7– Don’t Tell Me (ft. Ann Wilson)

Disturbed slows things down with this one. Featuring, Ann Wilson of the legendary rock band Heart; Wilson, and Draiman come together in a beautiful ballad about clinging to a love that has soured. 

Anyone who has ever experienced saying goodbye to a love that they don’t want to will resonate with this song. Lyrically, it beautifully depicts the ache of a heart.

“Don’t Tell Me” hits you right in the feels and should come with the warning label: MAY CAUSE TEARS.

8 – Take Back Your Life 

“Take Back Your Life” is the perfect follow-up to “Don’t Tell Me.” This single tells the listener not to sit there and watch things fall apart. Don’t wallow in the devastation. Let go and get on.

Fans of Disturbed will have this one on repeat for a long time to come. 

9 – Part of Me

This one is a banger! “Part of Me” sounds like all eight of Disturbed’s studio albums mixed into one song. Listeners will experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions with this one. The climax of emotions pairs flawlessly with the crescendo of gut-punching musical notes.

10 – Won’t Back Down 

Sharing the name with the popular Tom Petty hit, “Won’t Back Down,” also shares the same sentimental message. The importance of not backing down in the face of adversity has stood the test of time and continues to ring true to this day. Disturbed’s final song on the album summarizes the theme of the songs before it.

This is an album that says, “hey everybody, Disturbed has your back and can relate to what you’ve been going through over these last few years.” Divisive is full of excitement, emotion, and intrigue from the moment you press play. There’s never a dull moment as listening to this album is an experience from start to finish. Disturbed has done it again and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this band and its fans, both new and old.

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