Envision 2019 coming to Costa Rica

Attending a festival is a mental escape, to say the least. But, can you even imagine a life-changing musical weekend experience in an exotic foreign setting? That's next level. Enter, Envision Festival – Costa Rica's fastest growing music and arts festival! Stationed at the southern tip of the country on the Pacific side, Envision offers all that Costa Rica is known for on top of an exclusive and immersive four-day party at the beach. Alligators, monkeys, macaws and waterfalls… there's a reason why they dub Costa Rica the 'pure life'. Pura vida, my friend! The town of Uvita is approximately three hours out from the San José airport, due south from the renowned surf town of Jáco (the home to reggae's Jungle Jam Fest). And, don't worry about car rentals: sign up for the fest and gain the priviledge of being picked up at the airport by official Envision shuttles that drop you right at the festival gates. Easy peasy. 

Envision offers all that Costa Rica is known for on top of an exclusive and immersive four-day party at the beach.

Now back in its ninth year, Envision stands proud on its eight-pillar foundation: movement, music, art, spirituality, health, premaculture, community and radical acceptance. If you can appreciate yourself, those around you and the world we inhabit, please enjoy four days of pure ecstacy in a lush utopia with fellow music-lovers. Get ready to be entertained. Going down February 28th through March 3rd, Envision 2019 boasts the most jaw-dropping lineup to date. Split between three stages will be a mix of Latin meets reggae meets funk meets hip hop meets EDM with more than enough artists to keep the party going well into the wee hours of the morning. Headlining the whole thing is Griz and Tycho, with reggae's Trevor Hall, the funky fresh sounds of The Floozies, CloZee, Nicola Cruz, Random Rab, Lee Burridge and Bedouin standing as other main attractions. If you haven't witnessed the mesmerizing, special warrant requiring light show of The Floozies, get ready for a real treat. In the jungle, no less. The long list of other performers throughout the four days include Grouch, Santos & Zurdo, An-Ten-Nae, Bushman, Griff, Xiuhtexzcatl and a landslide of others; there's no break in the agenda when it comes to Envision.

Speaking of agenda, you can wrap the festival into an even bigger entity! Envision offers several different retreats to choose from, spanning a full seven to eight days before and after the fest. From acro yoga to permaculture to superfoods to activism to first aid, boost your tropical stay with a workshop retreat set to the soundtrack of the artists listed above. Want even more? Envision's VIP packages are ones for the record books. Get full access to the festival with parking pass, a list of VIP accommodations to choose from, VIP spa and lounge access (on top of the private VIP showers, bathrooms and bars), complimentary happy hour, access to the artist lounge and a VIP festival concierge. And, when we say VIP accommodations, the sky is the limit – literally! From the least expensive rent-a-tent to a fully-loaded custom treehouse with private bedrooms and lounges, VIP is the way to be. You can always meet in the middle with a bungalow, if you want to be modest about it. 

Tickets for Envision 2019 are on sale and selling out quick. It being the New Year, you still have time to book your jungle vacation before it's too late. Not only is it a perfect way to escape the depths of winter, but every ticket sold benefits the Costas Verdes Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the reforestization of Costa Rica's beaches and beyond. Just make sure to also spring for a parking pass if you happen to rent a car from the SJO airport! For more information, visit www.envisionfestival.com.

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