Roots of Mine fundraises with “Anna” single

Nothing is more heartwrenching than watching your loved ones struggle, especially when it comes to health. Roots of Mine, a reggae-rock band out of Los Angeles, dedicates their latest single “Anna” to those battling cancer and debilitating diseases, with 100% of the profits going to cancer charities! The song, despite delivering hope to those afflicted with cancer, is more personally-inspired than you think. Lead singer and guitarist John Landry's youngest cousin, Anna, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and has to undergo chemotherapy as part of her treament schedule. Poor little Anna… instead of playing with friends and focusing on school, Anna is now strapped with the fight of her life and Landry will stop at nothing to do his part. 

Roots of Mine reminds all of us there's nothing like giving back during the holidays…

“Cancer touches everyone,” Landry posits. “If it hasn’t affected you personally, it has most likely affected those around you. This amazing, smart and fun little girl is about to have the fight of her life and I feel helpless. So, I set out to give her something that could last forever and continue to do good for people just like her, battling for a healthy life.” 

The track was recorded by renowned producer Lewis Richards at 17th Street Recording Studio in Costa Mesa, with the help of Nick Sabia and others. Landry's lyrics like “know how much we love you”, “the Father that’s above you has a plan to build you up” and “contemplate the great amazing places that you’ll go” instills hope that Anna is indeed fighting a winning battle. Keep the faith that tomorrow's a better day, a guaranteed day. Such explicit positivity is paired with a deep booming bass and an upbeat tempo, making the single shout a sense of relief for anyone in the midst of such health struggles. And, again, everything goes to charity!

The band's heart extends beyond Anna to another close personal friend Romy Rome, who is currently struggling with his second round of Lymphoma. Thus, to persevere through these tough times, the single's profits will be split 50/50: half going to Romy Rome and half to the Sarah's Fight for HOPE Foundation, Anna's charity of choice. Roots of Mine reminds all of us there's nothing like giving back during the holidays, so please visit the links below to do your part for the cause.

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