Etana serenades in soothing “Truly” single

Etana serenades in soothing “Truly” single

Jamaican songstress and ‘Best Reggae Album’ GRAMMY nominee Etana has released the first single, “Truly”, from her forthcoming album G.E.M.I.N.I. originally set to be released in staggers throughout May although new dates for release are pending due to COVID-19. Being in a constant state of the panic and confusion amidst this global quarantine, it’s refreshing to hear lighthearted, endearing reggae music coming out alongside the news breaks.

Etana reassures her listeners that serenity is still achievable, no matter the circumstances.

This single is a genuinely sweet and endearing love song, made sexy and intoxicating by Etana’s seductive voice. The great horns also add an old-school ska sound mixed with sweet island vibes. “We were meant to be together // Truly,” Etana croons. The video for “Truly” premiered on Boomshots late last week, with lush visuals to aid the track’s already soothing sentients.

On top of her album release, Etana has been busy guest spotting on other artists’ singles, like Jonathan Emile and more! Queens never sleep. Be sure to be on the lookout for her G.E.M.I.N.I. LP dropping across two continents via three album launches next month! For more on Etana, visit the links below and catch “Truly” all digital outlets today.

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Etana “Truly” official lyric video:

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