Executive Order is feeling “Wicked”

Executive Order is feeling “Wicked”

Three-piece rock band Executive Order is feeling “Wicked” this Halloween season, releasing a follow-up to their debut single “All Bleed Red” out last month. Being from Hawaii, you’d expect a heavy island vibe to their music, yet this genre-twisting band is anything but laidback. Pairing metal and emotional rock to good ol’ rock and roll, Executive Order ponders the depths of madness in their latest single “Wicked”. For, we have mania existing in us all — at least, to some degree.

Executive Order explores what is it like to be “wicked down to the bone”.

Some are born civil and righteous; some are born a bad seed. It’s the luck of the draw if your temperament exceeds the confines of social structures. Lyricist Joseph Olson’s smooth vocals describe the “bloodshot eyes” and unquenchable “thirst” one has when out for trouble. Starting slow with a dark timbre, the song builds with deep bass vocals harmonizing over Olson’s. As the paranoia builds, clarity supersedes a feeling of “insanity” — this is the destiny of the “Wicked”. With a whispering refrain leading to a lighter bridge, the single illuminates the inner struggle of the disturbed with a piercing lead guitar carving the softer soundscape. The id versus the ego.

Olson admitted this song is a product of a mixed drink and an episode of CW’s Supernatural. And, it is, indeed, perfect for the subject matter. He comments, “‘Wicked’ can mean different things to different people and in different contexts. ‘Wicked fun’, as in a night on the town leading to a raging hangover; the ‘wicked’ goodness of eating a decadent dessert; or the wicked inner voice saying ‘do it’, while actions remain ‘appropriate’.”

“Wicked” is out now on all digital outlets, just in time for Halloween! Considering there is a full moon tonight, be safe in case something “Wicked” this way comes. For more information or to stream the single now, visit the links below.

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Executive Order – “Wicked”

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