The Ellameno Beat finds solace in “Break Through” single

The Ellameno Beat finds solace in “Break Through” single

Florida-based progressive roots reggae band The Ellameno Beat have come down from the clouds with their newest psychedelic single, “Break Through” — available for streaming now! The single is the band’s newest release since the success of their 2017 album, Surface. With this new single, the band is sending out major indications of cultivating a truly new and unique sound, while blending a substantial, otherworldly psychedelic experience, mixed with the staple reggae vibes the band is already known for. Along with the group’s current library of music, “Break Through” was written, performed, recorded and mixed by frontman Reggie Froom at his home studio; GRAMMY Award-winning engineer Greg Calbi was brought in to be responsible for mastering.

Having been fully developed in Froom’s home studio, the at-home experience of creating the song played a huge part in Reggie’s ability to navigate the unimaginable hurdles brought on by COVID-19, offering a time for self-analysis. Froom explains, “In this time of isolation, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect extensively on my life, and really take in where I am right now. This song is the result of that reflection and my belief that, though it may sometimes feel impossible, we really can break through to the other side of the massive obstacle that seems to be in front of us all right now.”

“Break Through” spends its time reflecting on the past few months.

The song encourages exploring ideas of self-improvement and using this time to better ourselves. Brought on by isolation due to the pandemic, Froom opens up on his desire for us to come together as one, to break through to the other side of this disaster of a year. It takes all of us to “swallow our pride” and move forward. Merging a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sonic persistence with lyrical retrospection, the track dives into an uncharted style more than any of their previous work. The song is trippy enough to land comfortably on a playlist next to other psych-rockers such as Temples, Tame Impala or King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other day about what kind of impact the solitude and isolation that came with the shutdowns would have on artists — not only in music, but art as a whole. We discussed the possibility of musicians spending time to find their roots… to return mentally to a time when the music meant just a little more to them. The pandemic saw many musicians turn their backs on touring for awhile and return to songwriting: a position where most bands started out as young, starving artists and are probably fairly comfortable when it comes to writing. “Break Through” is just a brief insight, a small peak, a crack in the flood wall that is about to burst with truly insightful and soul-searching art that is going to evolve out of this monumental moment in history.

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