First single from Steel Pulse in 14 years

What better way to ring in the New Year than with Steel Pulse's forthcoming album, Mass Manipulation. Steel Pulse strikes a powerful force of righteousness and historical diplomacy with their newest single which took 14 years in the making, “Stop You Coming and Come”. Steel Pulse took advantage of their time away from the studio to create a track that tackles the current social climate by meditating on the history of African ancestors and how our past can guide us through these hard times.

Steel Pulse took advantage of their time away from the studio to create a track that tackles the current social climate…

Steel Pulse is a reggae band known for infectious lyrics that oftentimes correspond with their Rastafari beliefs and this song isn’t any different. For this track, Steel Pulse blends their classic roots sound with lyrics that are a both a reflection of the past as well as the social dismay of the now. This is best exemplified in their second verse when David Hinds (vocals) references Lalibela, one of Ethiopia's holiest cities as a place of healing: “Building us a brand new nation // Only then the prejudice and bigotry // Will (ever) leave us alone // Move out of Babylon // A thousand million strong strong // Lalibella is the place // For the healing of the Human Race, so so so.” These lyrics signify the connectedness that the band has to their African roots and gives us wisdom on how we can find true justice in a world that has become unjust. The song is also intertwined with beautiful reggae rhythm that is mostly driven by the key section heard more clearly in the chorus. The song ends with an antidote, “It's our destiny // To know our history // No more slavery // Born to be free // African Legacy.”

Steel Pulse has cemented their place in reggae history already as a band that truly speaks on the principle of love for one another and this single is an excellent example of that. Mass Manipulation will be released in early 2019 via the non-profit label Rootfire Cooperative. Until then, fans of the legendary band can rejoice in the teachings embedded in “Stop You Coming and Come” and finish out the year grooving to its bluesy bass lines.

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