Fortunate Youth & Arise Roots at the Belly Up

Two bands from Los Angeles, California came down to Solana Beach in San Diego to perform some beloved reggae music on Thursday, June 11th. Arise Roots and Fortunate Youth are known for their modern reggae music, which usually includes special messages.

A great crowd showed up for both bands as Top Shelf Reggae indeed saw people sporting gear for both Arise Roots and Fortunate Youth. And, who can blame them when music such as theirs combine to create one powerful show, hosted by On Point Promotions.

It was obvious the crowd loved the band and their sweet reggae music.

Arise Roots brought their roots-inspired music with such songs as “People Are You Ready,” “Moving Forward,” “What a Shame,” “Give It Up,” and “Dangerous.” It was obvious the crowd loved the band and their sweet reggae music.

Fortunate Youth. A popular band right now because these boys know how to mix peace, love, and their music with irie vibes. One of those feel-good bands, Fortunate Youth has been fortunate to travel all over the U.S. and even the western islands to bring their reggae-rock music to those who appreciate such vibes. Hailed as their first headlining show at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, courtesy of On Point Promotions, these boys had some real support with such songs as “Sweet Love,” “Love is the Most High,” “Trippin,” “Positive,” “‘Til the End,” and “Sweet Sensi” who they featured with Karim Israel of Arise Roots and some Tribal Seeds musicians. They also played music from their new album, Don’t Think Twice, with such songs as their title track, “Fiya,” “Midnight Lover,” and “Pass the Herb.” And, of course, they played an encore with the song “Peace, Love, and Unity” and, others.

One word for this show: Dynamite. Thank you Scotty of On Point Promotions!

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