Artist spotlight: 9 Mile Roots

Scheduled to perform at Philly’s premiere reggae festival which will include Damian and Stephen Marley, Morgan Heritage and Tarrus Riley, the eight-piece group 9 Mile Roots is making new waves for the east coast reggae scene.

Hailing from Baltimore, MD the group consists of members Jay Randell (lead vocals/trumpet), Dave Muse (drums), Josh Behun (bass), Matt Huss (guitar, vocals), Ryan McDonough (guitar), Matt Foote (baritone sax), Casey Masters (trumpet), and Gabe Andino (tenor sax/vocals).

The genius of the production is that the portions don’t overwhelm the main focal point of the song

When asked how they would describe the “9 Mile Roots” sound, the response was, “9 Mile Roots is a strong collaboration of musicians pulling from very diverse backgrounds – With so many different influences crushing together with the common goal to produce lively upbeat music, our sound is best described as – rock reggae vibes with hard rock riffs, hip-hop flow, smooth brass licks and rock-steady hooks… Suburban Roots Reggae.”

9 Mile Roots will be releasing a brand new single today titled “On The Floor” which will be the band's first single from their forthcoming album, ReEvolve set to be released later this year.

“On the Floor” is a relatively easy track to enjoy on the surface, there’s quite a lot going on in the background to enjoy – guitar plucking, horns, wailing guitars and layers of harmonies that engage and consume the listener one verse at a time. The genius of the production is that the portions don’t overwhelm the main focal point of the song, but just adds enough depth to the sound to give a hint of that lovely feeling of satisfaction in hearing something new for the first time.

What can we expect from 9 Mile Roots this coming year? “More! More new music, more new videos, more live shows! We've got a lot of great things in the works – We've been super busy writing and recording some new songs over the past several months that we're extremely proud of, and we're very excited to finally begin to unleash them.”

Please enjoy your week with some good tunes and add this free download to your collection courtesy of Top Shelf Reggae and 9 Mile Roots! Get listening –

Download “On the Floor” MP3 (7.6mb)

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